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Running with Todd
« on: August 29, 2012, 05:30:04 PM »
Running with Todd

The tale of a long-distance runner/rehab counselor who hooked up with rock n roll greatness.

By Jeff Chandler

Music industry veteran Vicky Hamilton has joined forces with long-distance runner/substance abuse counselor Todd Crandell, PC, LCDCIII.    Crandell, who has a Master of Counseling MAC degree, is also a seasoned runner, having competed in races globally.  He is a Licensed Professional Counselor PC and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor III LCDCIII.

Hamilton started her Los Angeles music career working with Motley Crue’s first management company.  She managed a veritable “Who’s Who” of rock luminaries from Poison to Guns n Roses before moving on to an A&R position at Geffen Records.

In the 90s, Hamilton worked at Lookout Management/Vapor Records, where she handled American recording act the Freewheelers and TVT records artist Portable. Around this time Hamilton began managing painters, including artists Ron English and an underground tagger known as “The Street Phantom,” who went on to do an album jacket for Rage Against the Machine.  In 1999, Hamiton started Small Hairy Dog records and signed their sole artist, June Carter Cash, whose album Press On won a Grammy for Best Traditional Folk Album the following year.

In the last decade, Hamilton has booked bands for famed music venue Bar Sinister, taught at Musician’s Institute, and written for the A&R Registry.  Currently, she is the booker for the Malibu Inn nightspot.  But it was her role as a recovering addict that helped her link up with Todd Crandell, an alcohol and substance abuse counselor who is also a successful marathon runner.  Crandell formed an organization called Racing for Recovery that combines his two passions. Racing for Recovery is a federally approved 501 c 3 non-profit formed by Crandall in 2001.

“The first time I spoke to Todd Crandell, his passion for helping people recover from drug and alcohol addiction came from the depths of his soul,” says Hamilton, who has been clean and sober for eleven years. “Todd had to crawl out of the deep abyss himself, and he understand that you have to face off with your demons at the core of your being.  Racing for Recovery is a good start in that direction and Todd Crandell could well be the Bill W. or Bob Timmons of this generation.  He’s teaching his clients to turn their addictions into something client.”

“I am so thankful for Vicky's support,” says Crandell.  “I am humbled to be working with her and knowing she has the same interests is a bonus.”

We caught up with Crandell and hit him with a few questions about his life, work and long-distance running.

Running with Scissors:  How did you hook up with Vicky Hamilton?

Todd: I pursued Vicky for years because I knew she was the best and has worked with the best.

RWS: You're a substance abuse counselor and a long-distance runner - how did you bring the two worlds together?

Todd: I utilize my participation in the Ultraman and Ironman Triathlons as a marketing tool to promote my program Racing for Recovery and my counseling services.  I believe in utilizing a balanced holistic lifestyle that includes exercise, spirituality, family, friends, education and giving it all back to help others.

RWS: What are your upcoming running events?

Todd: I am doing Ironman Hawaii on October 13 which will be my 23 Ironman event.  Ironman Hawaii is the "superbowl" of triathlon and I am honored to be doing this amazing race again (first time was 2006).

RWS: Any advice for the youth of America?

Todd:  I advise the youth of America to build self esteem and avoid any type of mind altering substances while pursuing their dreams.  "With Sobriety Anything is Possible"