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POSTAL III has been removed from our store
« on: August 25, 2012, 10:45:06 AM »
POSTAL III has been removed from our store

RWS has decided to STOP selling POSTAL III from our store.  We believe it’s in the best interest of the Postal Community.  We encourage newcomers to try POSTAL FUDGEPACK a far superior product for a lot less money than what P3 is selling for on other sites.  We welcome all fans, old and new to continue to support our hard core efforts by purchasing cool RWS merchandise, thanks.

POSTAL Fudge Pack - $8.00

This is a 3-way disk for PC, MAC and LINUX!

Our first pack of every game we ever created (not including Postal III which was made by Vodka swilling Russians, not us!)  Give the gift of FUDGE to your friends or buy it foryourself and experience POSTAL Classic and Uncut, POSTAL 2 Share the Pain, POSTAL 2 Apocalypse Weekend, Eternal Damnation AND MORE!!

Krotchy Dolls are here and IN STOCK!  Half plush, half beans...ALL BALLS!  Get a set of the biggest balls of em all for your stocking stuffer!  Krotchy is 6 inches (from head to toe) but hes 6 inches of pure unadulterated balls!

Sack size is 4 inches tall, and feet are 2 inches long totalling 6 inches of pure ballsackary!

Put this mini Running With Scissors metal sign on your keychain....or your girlfriends ears....or her clit piercing!

Running With Scissors Metal Sign - Bullet Hole Sign - $15.00

Real metal Running With Scissors sign ACTUALLY shot by one of the RWS Team...probably MikeJ or Steve as they are the ones packin', but sometimes Vince or even Gary Coleman join in on the fun!  WARNING:  The bullet holes are really FUCKING sharp so be careful when holding these things!!

Running With Scissors Metal Sign - Plain Sign Sign - $10.00

The official Running With Scissors sign, fresh off the factory floor.  These signs are not shot yet as to let you DO-IT-YOUR-SELF!

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