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By Jeff Chandler

Las Vegas-based jam band Moksha has carved out a name for themselves on the West Coast through endless touring, as well as airplay and press worldwide.  They've gained radio play with their current CD, Here to Go, in England, Germany, Italy, Poland, Greece, Finland, Norway, France, Sweden, Norway, America, Brazil, the Phillipines - even the Isle of Jersey.   And the press response to their  album has been phenomenal.  You can keep up on Moksha through their website at


We caught up with Moksha and asked them the following questions:


1 How did you guys hook up with four-time Grammy winner James “Bonzai” Caruso? That's pretty impressive!
Bonzai moved to Vegas a few years ago to work at Odds On studios and Tree had worked with him on a few hip hop tracks he produced. So when it came time to mix our first album 'Mammal or Machine' he was the obvious choice and in that process we became friends. A year later when we started working on 'Here To Go' we made the decision to use Bonzai for both the recording and the mixing and he was totally on board for the project. We're very lucky to be both friends and colleges with someone of his caliber and professionalism.

2. Can you tell us a little bit about the songwriting process for your current album "Here to Go?"
Moksha's writing process is very collaborative. Usually someone will come in with an idea like a chord progression, riff or melody and we jam on it and see what comes out. From there we refine the form, add some transitions and lastly Sam will add his lyrical ideas.

3. What is it about "Here to Go" that sets it apart from other progressive and other jamband albums?
I feel that 'Here To Go' has a little bit for everyone. For someone who is a jam fan there are lots of great solos, for the progressive fan we have interesting composition and provocative lyrics and for the pop fan we have memorable melodies and hooks.

4. Having a band in Las Vegas must be a trip when it comes to playing live - how do you choose from all those venues?
There are not as many venues for local acts as one would think. Most of the casino venues are not looking for original acts; they usually book top 40 cover bands. We're lucky enough to be able play some of the coolest venues like the Hard Rock Cafe and House of Blues so we feel very fortunate.

5. Pick ONE track off the album and give us a couple of lines about it?
'Leg Up' is my favorite track on the album because it's a bit of a stylistic departure for us and the lyrics are some of Sam's best.

6. What band would you like to play with - but haven't - yet?
My dream come true would be to open up for Santana. He has a show in Vegas and we've been lucky enough to become friends with some of the members in his band. To open for him would be very special for us.

7. Any advice for musicians/bands out there?
Believe in your music, be friends with your bandmates, work hard, treat your fans with respect because they are the ones supporting you...then keep working.

8. What have you learned from your time in Moksha?
Developing a band from the ground up is both the most challenging and rewarding thing I've done. It's hard work but completely worth it.

MOKSHA will be playing the following dates:
09/08/12 MokshainBond, COatRagin’ on The Rio Music FestivalBuy tickets
09/10/12 MokshainDenver, COatSancho’s Broken Arrow
09/12/12 MokshainBreckenridge, CO 80424atThree20 South
09/13/12 MokshainDurango, COatThe Summit
09/14/12 MokshainGrand Junction, COatCruisers Bar
09/15/12 MokshainCarbondale, CO 81623atThe Black Nugget
09/20/12 - 09/23/12 MokshainOmaha, NEatTribal Equinox Music and Arts FestivalBuy tickets
09/27/12 MokshainAlbuquerqueatLow Spirits
09/28/12 MokshainPagosa Springs, COatThe Bear Creek Saloon