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Vincenzo Thomas Amato, Los Angeles musician, club promoter for the Brig

By Tom Farrell

Vincenzo Thomas Amato, the son of a brass player for Wayne Newton, has been a valuable member of the Los Angeles music circuit for over a decade, both as a performer and a club booker.  We caught up with "VTA" recently and asked him to share his insight as a performer and a promoter.  Here's what he had to say:


*How is being a promoter in Los Angeles these days?

VINCENZO: There are a lot of fish in the sea but it's all who ya know :-)

*How long have you been booking clubs?

VINCENZO: Since 1996

*Where are you booking now?

VINCENZO: The Brig, Venice Beach, Ca.
past venues: Lucys 51, The Waterfront Concert Theate, The Santa Monica Bar & Grille, The Universal bar & Grill, The Cat Club, Mountain High Ski resort.

*Who are some of your musical influences?

VINCENZO: Tom Waits, Bob Marley, Miles Davis, Sublime, The Gratefuldead, Tool, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Chili Pepper Dave Matthews band... and on and on...

*Your dad was a regular play with Wayne Newton? Did that influence you as a musician? You ever get to meet Wayne?

VINCENZO: Yes my father Tommy Amato played Bass, trumpet, and conducted for Wayne Newton for over 17 years... of course ! I love big band music, jazz and everything from those times... Oh yes many times.... I call him "Uncle Wayne" !

*What are you working on currently?

VINCENZO: My own music as always!

*Any new releases on the horizon?

VINCENZO:  I'll be releasing a summer music sampler from Bandwagon Productions & SilverBack Music soon ! check out for release dates and where to download the free sampler !

*What's you recording process like? Home recording? Studio?

VINCENZO: To tell ya the truth I'm a huge fan a great live recordings so I try to record my shows every time and release the best versions... that way when ya hear my music on line or a cd and come to a show it sounds like what ya heard !

*Any advice to up-and-coming performers out there?

 VINCENZO: Break a leg ! haa.. but seriously I would just say stay true to what inspires you to write and perform your original music !