Author Topic: Nathon Fouts - Code Tutorials using Unreal Script for POSTAL 2  (Read 1648 times)


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As requested by fans.Nathan Fouts's Tuts..Work in progress may take some time..

Code Tutorials using Unreal Script for POSTAL 2

You must be running the new Share the Pain version of POSTAL 2 for any of this to be relevant. Using these tutorials with older code may cause you problems.

These tutorials were written to be completed in succession with one another. If you jump ahead to a later tutorial, I will be discussing things from earlier tutorials that you may not recognize. Following each one in order should greatly improve your learning experience.

If you don’t have the full Unreal Script source code for POSTAL 2 STP, download it here:

Postal2vr1407uc.exe :

Unzip these files to your POSTAL 2 directory (not the system directory).

These tutorials were written assuming you already know how to program somewhat. They also assume a good knowledge of events in POSTAL 2 the game, and general terms used in Unreal-based games. There’s lots of information on using working in games if you want to brush up on that first. Don’t worry though—these tutorials start very slowly. They don't have flashy pictures though, so if you need visuals... look on the internet or something. These are straight instructions on how to code in POSTAL 2.

1. Writing Script for POSTAL 2
2. Adding an Exec Command
3. Making Your Own Package
4. Basic Weapon Changes
5. Advanced Party Bomb Weapon
6. Basic AI Changes
7. Adding a New Powerup (coming Soon.)
8. Making Your Own Intro Menu (coming Soon.)
9. Making New Days and Errands (coming Soon.)
10. Various Technological Points: INIs, Asset Paths (coming Soon.)

If you have more problems not addressed within these tutorials please check the forums under the Mods section.
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Re: Nathon Fouts - Code Tutorials using Unreal Script for POSTAL 2
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wow this is awesome,  :-*