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Postal 2 Happy Night
« on: March 03, 2015, 03:24:46 PM »
Postal 2 Happy Night.
Addon or mod, based on 1409 version of Postal 2 "Free Multiplayer Edition".
Just download torrent file from web-site and install the game.
One night with Christmas atmosphere in Paradise City. New storyline with errands like standart postal 2 (sandbox + errands).

Have fun.

Download: Link
(Please read attention and use x64 version torrent if you have problem with installer.)

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Re: Postal 2 Happy Night
« Reply #1 on: Today at 08:06:55 AM »
Download via torrent in 2015?

Are there really people still using torrents?

Why you don't upload it to some sharehoster or cloud instead of this slow torrent solution?

Anyway I don't know how many installation methods you mixed...
It seems to be a standalone installer first, which tries to extract *.bin-files and ends with opening a few console windows 7zip- and some other erros...

(...Framework, Visual C++ & 7Zip are installed.)

I just tried to install it "out of the box"... maybe it's possible to get it run if I will spend more time with it, but for now I am really interested in how many people are able to get it run "out of the box"...

I am sure Postal 2 Happy Night doesn't need to make changes in the registry like Postal 2, so why don't make a Winrar self-extracting archive from an installed version + readme file (please install Framework 4.0 + Visual C++ before) upload it to some sharehoster or your webspace and that's it.

I think the installation process includes "incorrect" paths which may only work on your individual system!
So the game may work fine, if you choose a normal way of installation and not this one!
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