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POSTAL 2 Version 1416 Full Changelog
« on: October 30, 2014, 10:06:18 AM »
Happy Halloween! If you didn't notice yet, a rather large update went out on Steam for POSTAL 2 and POSTed. Of course, you'll notice the Halloween content right away, but there's a lot of changes under the hood too! Now is an even better time to mod for the game, because we've added dozens of new features to make content creation easier.

Here's the complete list of changes.

Game Updates
  • It's Halloween in Paradise! Enjoy playing in nighttime versions of the POSTAL 2 levels, and seeing what everyone is dressing up as. Hopefully you won't run into any paranormal activities...
  • Pausing the game no longer cuts off dialog or other audio.
  • Pausing the game now pauses any in-game movies as well.
  • Added a toggle in performance options for severed limb physics.
  • The kick and shovel weapons can now hit several kickable world objects at a time, instead of just one.
  • Player can now cancel out of suicide.
  • Crash dumps now log additional information that can be used by developers to fix problems.
  • Fixed a major bug where NPCs would be immune to headshots while crouching.
  • Fixed a major bug causing certain surfaces to black out entirely when shot at.
  • Fixed a major bug preventing the player from escaping from jail for the first 30 seconds of their imprisonment. (Now you know why it seemed to be so hard to escape!)
  • Fixed a major bug with ACTION_TakeInventoryFromPlayer causing the player's weapon indicator to disappear entirely.
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs would not use a door that went from being locked to unlocked.
  • Fixed a bug where an NPC would attempt to walk into a wall under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed display issues with third-person melee weapon animations.
  • Fixed various display issues caused by NPCs using multiplayer animations.
  • Fixed a bug where certain zombies would hesitate before attacking.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs would often fall into a "kneeling backward" position, regardless of how they were killed.
  • Fixed a bug causing locked doors to constantly emit weird thumping sounds.
  • Fixed some display issues with the health, ammo, and inventory indicators on the HUD being displayed off-center or "wrapping around" the edge of the screen.
  • Fixed various HUD display hints to be more consistent with other hints.
  • Fixed the screen shake of the Glock and MP5 to be more consistent with the other weapons.

POSTed/Steam Workshop
  • Object property windows now display helpful descriptions alongside property displays.
  • "Play Map From Here" added to right-click menu. (Known issue: does not work well on terrain, leading to possible spawndeath)
  • Can now select multiple files all at once in the Steam Workshop upload dialog.
  • Doubled the number of Karma actors allowed in a map before crashing.
  • Increased the size of the Matinee window, and enabled the mouse wheel.
  • Improved the listing of scripted actions in the "New" dropdown box.
  • Improved the static lighting calculation so lights don't appear as "washed out" as before. You will need to rebuild your map to see the changes.
  • Editor now prompts to save changes before exiting.
  • The following new editor hotkeys have been added:
    • B - adds special brush
    • C - selects Camera Movement tool
    • V - selects Vertex Editing tool
    • N - selects Terrain Editing tool
    • M - selects Matinee tool
    • X - centers red builder brush to camera's location
    • U - toggles distance fog in current viewport
    • J - toggles AI path visibility in current viewport
    • L - toggles radius actor view in current viewport
    • Z - in Animation or Static Mesh browser, centers camera to origin. (Must click mouse inside the viewport to give it focus, first)
    • F3 - opens an "unlinked" Actor Properties window for current selection that does not change with selection. Same as right click --> Actor Properties (New Window)
    • Shift-D - duplicates selected actors IN PLACE as opposed to offsetting them by the current grid value. Be careful when using, as there is no visual indication that the actors have been copied. Checking the map for errors (Tools --> Check Map For Errors) will list any duplicated in-place actors you may have forgotten about, by warning you about multiple actors occupying the exact same location.
  • Dragging an actor with the middle mouse button held down behaves a bit differently now:
    • With no keys held, adjusts actor's yaw
    • With CTRL held, adjusts actor's pitch
    • With ALT held, adjusts actor's roll
    • With SHIFT held, adjusts actor's DrawScale
  • Can now set bAlpha when importing textures, as opposed to having to set them manually in the texture properties.
  • The following new actors have been added:
    • TriggeredBlockingVolume (place with Volume button in the side bar) - Same as a blocking volume, but it can be triggered to turn on or off. You must use a TriggerStatic to do so (a normal Trigger will not work)
    • WeatherEffect, RainEffect, and SnowEffect (Actor --> Emitter --> WeatherEffect, or Add Special Actor --> Special Effects --> Weather) - WeatherEffects spawn a single emitter that position themselves a set distance above the player's camera, and then follows it around as the player moves, creating the illusion that the entire map is filled with rain, snow, or whatever else, without having to add several FPS-draining weather emitters.
    • HungryTrigger (Actor --> Triggers --> Trigger --> HungryTrigger) - Acts much like a regular Trigger. However, any actor that triggers a HungryTrigger will be "eaten" and destroyed. Its intended purpose is to "eat" dropped pickups and cause events accordingly, but it could be used for pretty much any other case where you'd want to destroy an actor that triggers something.
    • DayTrigger (Actor --> Triggers --> Trigger --> TriggerSuper --> DayTrigger, or Add Special Actor --> Trigger --> DayTrigger) - Functionally equivalent to any other Trigger, but can be set up to trigger different (or no) events depending on what day of the week it is. Use if you have a trigger that should do different things each day, but don't want to add several different triggers in the same general spot for each day it needs to trigger something.
    • P2TriggerVolume (place with Volume button in the side bar) - Replaces the PostalArcade's TriggerVolume, fixes a few bugs, and adds DayTrigger functionality.
    • EmitterToggleVolume (place with Volume button in the side bar) - Intended for use with the WeatherEffects, but can be used with any triggerable Emitter (or Actor in general). It has a very specific behavior: when the player enters the volume, its Event (and any specified MoreEvents) will be triggered, thus turning off (or on) any related emitters. The events are triggered again when the player leaves the volume. You can use this to "turn off" any weather effects when the player enters a confined building, and thus save on FPS. When the player leaves the building, the weather is turned back on.
    • RemovePawnsCenter (Actor --> Keypoint --> RemovePawnsCenter, or Add Special Actor --> AI Scripts/Matinee --> RemovePawnsCenter) - This actor does nothing other than to use with ACTION_RemoveNonMoviePawns, allowing you to identify the region to be removed at a glance.
    • PropAnimated (Actor --> Prop --> PropAnimated, or Add Special Actor --> Props --> Animated Prop) - Allows you to place and animate a SkeletalMesh. Documentation is not yet available for this Actor, but feel free to experiment with its properties (descriptions are included, so if you mess with it enough you'll figure it out). A more in-depth explanation on how to use PropAnimated will be coming at a later date.
  • Actor placement buttons in the toolbar expanded to include a wider variety of actors.
  • The following new scripted actions have been added:
    • ACTION_VolumeTrigger - Works as a scriptable TriggerStatic.
    • ACTION_NavigationPoint - Can alter various features of NavigationPoint. Note: Due to the way navigation points work, this action should not be called right at the beginning of the level. Insert an ACTION_WaitForTimer of at least a few seconds before this if you need to alter any NavigationPoint properties at the start of a level.
    • ACTION_WaitAndTrigger - We took ACTION_WaitForTimer and ACTION_TriggerEvent and put them into a blender for you. (Yes, it blends!)
    • ACTION_ForceMoveLatent - Forces the pawn to move at a particular velocity and direction while ignoring all collision.
    • ACTION_ShortCircuitSetup and ACTION_ShortCircuitCancel - Sets up a "short circuit" in an AI script. If the controlled pawn takes damage or is peed on, the short circuit will activate and change the pawn's AI script.
    • ACTION_ShutUp - Makes the pawn stop talking immediately (works great with the above short circuit action)
    • ACTION_SetDynamicVariable and ACTION_IfDynamicVariable - Allows a level designer to assign and check arbitrary values in the GameState. These values persist between level changes. Documentation is not yet available, but setting them up is fairly straightforward. A tutorial will be available at a later date.
    • ACTION_DamageActors - Damages actors.
    • ACTION_KillPawns - Kills pawns. You can also blow up their heads.
    • ACTION_SuppressWeaponChangeSound - Suppresses weapon change sounds. (Am I being descriptive enough?)
    • ACTION_Piss - Makes the pawn take a leak. By default this will work on anybody, not just males, so be careful which pawns you use this on (or don't)
    • ACTION_StopPissing - Immediately stops ACTION_Piss.
    • ACTION_SetSaveAllowed - Can change whether saving is allowed or not. Resets after level transition.
    • ACTION_PropAnimated - Can be used to control a PropAnimated actor with script.
    • ACTION_AttachActor - Can be used to attach one actor to another.
  • ACTION_PlaySound, ACTION_PlayLocalSound, and ACTION_PlayAmbientSound can optionally select a random sound from a predefined group.
  • Support added for detail textures. This feature is not yet supported in the main game, but is fully supported for custom content at this time.
  • Official support added for the UseTrigger actor. Set the UseTrigger's HUDIcon and Message appropriately, and when the player approaches it in-game, their current inventory item will be replaced by the UseTrigger. Pressing the InventoryActivate button will activate the UseTrigger.
  • Fixed a bug where bTriggerOnceOnly would not work properly when linking volumes to triggers.
  • Fixed a bug in Trigger where ReTriggerDelay would not work properly at the start of the level. (This is the same bug that prevented players from escaping jail in the first 30 seconds of the level.)
  • Fixed a display bug in the editor where DayBlockers, Movers, and other actors with a DrawType of DT_StaticMesh would disappear if Hide Actors was enabled in the viewport.
  • SongThings can now override the player's music preference. Use with care.
  • ACTION_MoveToPoint can now force the pawn to look at its destination when moving (no need to use two actions for this now).
  • TriggeredCondition now defaults to true.
  • Improved the WADS camera movement in the 3D viewport.
  • Karma actors, DayBlockers, and explodable actors now show up with distinct colors in the orthographic or wireframe viewports.
  • The ZoneSound category in ZoneInfo is now hidden, as P2 does not use the I3DL2Listener feature.
  • ACTION_SpawnActor can now specify the Event of the spawned actor.
  • Pawns no longer play a weapon-switch sound immediately after spawning, so as not to give away their location (or the fact that they were even spawned at all) to the player.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking the Load All button in the Sound Browser would cause the currently selected package to change.
  • Right clicking an animation sequence in the Animation Browser now lets you copy the name of the sequence, set, or skeletal mesh.
  • In the Sound Browser, double-clicking a sound will cause it to play only once, instead of looping repeatedly. If the looping behavior is desired, you can click the play button instead.
  • You can now run multiple kill/boss counters (ACTION_KillCounter and ACTION_EnemyHealth) at the same time. There is no limit to the number of counters you can run, but the HUD icons will scroll off-screen after a certain point, so you may want to limit yourself to three or four at the most.
  • DisplayManager (in PostalArcade.u) can now toggle bBlockKarma.
  • Bottom toolbar now displays editable collision radius and height.
  • PawnSpawner can now completely override a pawn's BaseEquipment.
  • The actor search window has received an overhaul. You can search by name, group, event, or tag, as well as by partial matches of any of these. You can also select entire groups of actors or delete actors outright from the list.
  • Fixed a problem where the FaceToTalkTrigger could be triggered without actually facing it, or even being able to see it.
  • ACTION_ChangeWeapon can now force a change to hands, and can also force a delay until the new weapon is ready.
  • The "trigger skip" feature of ACTION_WaitForTimer can be disabled. (Normally, if a scripted sequence's tag was triggered while a WaitForTimer was in progress, the timer would be aborted and the script would advance to the next action. This toggle allowed you to turn off this behavior.)
  • PickupSpawner can now define the spawned actor's Event.
  • ACTION_DestroyActor now properly logs any actors it destroys.
  • Added EP_AttackTag to PawnInitialState. If set, the pawn will attack whatever pawn matches its AttackTag. This feature was already present in PawnSpawner, but was strangely absent in manually-placed pawns.
  • Filter feature added to more of the group browser windows.
  • Pasting actors that belong to a group not already present in the map will no longer cause the pasted actors to vanish immediately.
  • When scaling actors with the mouse, the values in the bottom toolbar will now update automatically.
  • The editor now draws a blue line between a PawnSpawner and its AI script, if any.
  • CashRegPoints can now trigger various events when the Dude interacts with their cashiers, depending on the outcome of the interaction.
  • Movers are now placed at the current camera location, instead of the red builder brush's location.
  • AWTrigger now defaults to counting triggers (as it should) instead of acting as a normal trigger.

UnrealScript (General)
  • Fixed an engine bug where Trace() would not return a Material if the trace hit terrain.
  • PlaySound() and PlayMusic() functions now have a bAllowPause flag (see their definitions in Engine/Actor.uc). These flags default to true, meaning that pausing the game will also pause these sounds. If set to false, pausing the game will NOT pause these sounds.
  • "Accessed None" log errors now indicate which variable is causing the Accessed None error. (In rare cases it cannot be determined which variable is causing the error, but these are usually accompanied by an Accessed None that DOES list a variable, which is a good place to start if you are having trouble.)
  • The Log() function now has a time stamp feature that can be turned on with a boolean parameter. See definition in Core/Object.uc.
  • The SetLocation() function now has an option to ignore collision/encroachment when moving the actor. See definition in Engine/Actor.uc. This option is unsupported and will crash the game if used improperly, so use only if you know exactly what you are doing!
  • Custom police outfits can now be created by setting bIsCopUniform to true in the inventory class.

UnrealScript (Errand system)
  • New errand goals added:
    • ErrandGoalCompleteSuberrands - an errand goal that is considered complete when a list of "suberrands" are completed. See MoreGame/ErrandGoalCompleteSuberrands.uc for details.
    • ErrandGoalUseUpInventory - errand is considered complete when the Dude uses up his entire stock of a specified inventory item. See MoreGame/ErrandGoalUseUpInventory.uc for details.
  • New properties added in DayBase:
    • string EndOfDayComment - If specified, the errand screen will play this sound instead of the default DudeGoHomeSound when the day's errands are complete.
    • string StartDayURL - If specified, overrides the game's default StartNextDayURL for this day only. Will not work for the first day in the week, which is defined by either the IntroURL (if your game has an intro map) or StartFirstDayURL (if it does not have an intro).
    • string FinishedDayURL - If specified, overrides the game's default FinishedDayURL for this day only.
    • string JailURL - If specified, overrides the game's default JailURL for this day only. As with the gameinfo's JailURL, you should include #cell but not a cell number.
  • New property added in ErrandGoal: string DudeCompletedComment - If specified, the map screen will play this sound instead of the one specified for the errand. This allows the player to say different things depending on how they completed the errand.
  • Unrevealed errands will now reveal themselves when the Dude completes another errand. This allows modders to create an errand that, when complete, opens up another errand immediately.
  • Errand location scribbles can now be set as "hidden" by default (set bool bLocationTexActive to false). When the errand is revealed, its location will not. To enable the location display, call ActivateLocationTex(string UniqueName) in P2GameInfoSingle, and then call DisplayMapErrands() in P2Player to actually show the map and have the Dude mark off the location of the errand. At this point, DudeWhereComment and DudeFoundComment will be played (these sounds are skipped initially if the location is hidden)
  • ACTION_Errand can now be set to complete an errand and then immediately send the player to another map without bringing down the map. Use ErrandAction EEA_ErrandGoalMet_UniqueTag as you would normally, and then fill in the destination URL in the GoalMet_SendToURL property. The map screen will come up, the Dude will mark off the corresponding errand, and then the player will be sent to the specified URL immediately.

Other modding features
  • Resolved a crash that could occur when loading a map directly from the developer console.


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Re: POSTAL 2 Version 1416 Full Changelog
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2014, 11:36:01 AM »
fucking update! ;)

Well done gentlemen!
I Love the RWS and i Love the Postal! :-*

It only remains to wait for the "paradise lost" ::)

Postal made me do it!

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Re: POSTAL 2 Version 1416 Full Changelog
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2014, 11:58:58 AM »
P :):o8):-[:Flamenstein: L
made me do it!

I'm freaking out! "..playing in nighttime versions of the POSTAL 2 levels .." - I'll try immediately after that comment here! Looooooooo0L!!!
The changelog of 1416 is so promising that I do not want to believe it!
The myriad changes to the editor are admirable - hell yah!!
Thanks to Kamek for this wonderful review of the changelog and a big thank you to all who worked on it!


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Re: POSTAL 2 Version 1416 Full Changelog
« Reply #3 on: October 30, 2014, 12:48:59 PM »
Thank you very much RWS!  :)


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Re: POSTAL 2 Version 1416 Full Changelog
« Reply #4 on: October 30, 2014, 04:01:06 PM »
Quite the holiday treat


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Re: POSTAL 2 Version 1416 Full Changelog
« Reply #5 on: October 30, 2014, 08:25:32 PM »
I noticed multiplayer is gone on the Halloween update from steam. Is it coming back?


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Re: POSTAL 2 Version 1416 Full Changelog
« Reply #6 on: October 31, 2014, 12:56:41 AM »
"Fixed an issue where NPCs would often fall into a "kneeling backward" position, regardless of how they were killed."

It's still there.


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Re: POSTAL 2 Version 1416 Full Changelog
« Reply #7 on: October 31, 2014, 10:27:11 AM »
So what's the progress on controller support?


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Re: POSTAL 2 Version 1416 Full Changelog
« Reply #8 on: October 31, 2014, 06:40:47 PM »
One of our QA testers wrote a massive list of ways we could and should improve it's implementation, so we've been working on it some more to make it all it can be.


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Re: POSTAL 2 Version 1416 Full Changelog
« Reply #9 on: November 04, 2014, 06:19:54 AM »
It's the 4th now. No more costumes or skeletons but when do the dark maps go away? Very hard to see.


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Re: POSTAL 2 Version 1416 Full Changelog
« Reply #10 on: November 04, 2014, 06:42:45 AM »
Sadly it would mean you'd have to restart your save. However we are working on a patch to improve the lighting so it's more lit (as there is a big fucking bright moon to light the map after all).

Major Dope

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Re: POSTAL 2 Version 1416 Full Changelog
« Reply #11 on: November 04, 2014, 12:41:46 PM »
Just out of curiosity will we someday have any of the current Steam Updates on