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February 25, 2015, 05:07:21 PM by RWS | Views: 290 | Comments: 0

Indie Spotlight: Isbarah

What’s this? Can it be? Another Indie Spotlight right after the last one? Indeed it can be! AR-K was meant for January but due to some overly troublesome technical difficulties, it was unfortunately delayed. The delay however did not detract from the enjoyment I received from playing the game. Today’s Indie Spotlight is being written up perhaps a little bit early but for a special reason. The game just came out today! You are likely thinking to yourself, if it just came out today how did he have time to do up the Indie Spotlight for it? Well the answer to that is quite simple. I had access to the Closed Beta before it came out. I played it some more to see any changes that may have been made between the Beta and the final product and then proceeded with writing this post. Without further delay, it’s time for the Indie Spotlight to shine on Isbarah from Leikir Studio.

February 19, 2015, 07:45:33 PM by RWS | Views: 759 | Comments: 0

Indie Spotlight: AR-K

After having a video card fry out just before starting this spotlight and then waiting on a backordered power adapter for the new video card, this Indie Spotlight has been a bit delayed. Sometimes things are just worth waiting for though. Without any further delay, it is time once again to shine the Indie Spotlight, this time on AR-K!

AR-K is a game that was successful on Kickstarter (on its second attempt, so that just goes to show you, if you fail once, dust yourself off and try again!). I say was successful, but really it just squeaked by its goal. Anyway, you have to admit squeaking by the goal is much better than falling a few dollars short! I have to say, AR-K is a game I would have definitely backed had I seen it back in 2013. There was a floppy disk copy of the game I would have absolutely loved to own. It isn’t just an ordinary floppy disk (does anyone even have one of thos...
February 14, 2015, 09:19:44 AM by RWS | Views: 1724 | Comments: 4

Valentine's Day 2015

Okay people this is the time you have been waiting for all year. It’s time to score big time with that special someone. Maybe you've had your eye on her/him for a long time but have been too shy to make an approach or maybe you are already hooked up but just need a little boost to the relationship. Whatever it is, now might be just the time to make your move.

February 14th otherwise known as Valentine’s Day was named after an olden days Roman priest who was killed for performing weddings for soldiers at a time when marriage was forbidden. This guy was really put through the ringer for such a simple seeming act. He was first beaten then he was stoned before finally getting his head cut off. Wouldn't thinking of all that torture and anguish put thoughts of love in your head. You could say he did die for love though.

It is now the day of romance when fresh flowers, chocolates and jewellery (especially diamonds and gold) are gifted to the ones we love in the hope that the feelings are reciprocated. Now...
February 12, 2015, 04:20:25 PM by RWS | Views: 1015 | Comments: 1

STRIKE while the iron is hot and SPARE nothing!

Tournament of the Tortured Gem Dealers. Now isn’t that a title to catch your attention. What it represents is actually far less sinister than its name makes it sound. It is a very worthwhile annual charity-bowling tournament held at The Golden Pin Lanes in Tucson Arizona.  The games are sponsored by the Pueblo Gem Show Dealers during their annual Gem and Mineral show, hence the rather unique name.

The tournament is the primary fundraiser for Kids Animals Life and Dreams (KALD). KALD is a local non-profit organization working with teens in foster care. It helps to give teens some of the experience needed to help them in finding and keeping suitable employment. Without organizations like KALD, teens might not get the chance needed to make a good life for themselves.

Our own Mike Jaret and his team took home the spectacular winning trophy from this year’s event. Mike bowled a 681 series in three games to help the team win the 19th annual tournament plus...
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