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P2 and AW Mods / Workshop is nearly upon us
« on: April 04, 2014, 02:51:18 AM »

In testing now. Click to enlarge.

General / MOVED: Whats in dev right now?
« on: September 23, 2013, 07:47:58 AM »

Games / Watch Dogs
« on: May 10, 2013, 09:56:38 AM »

Looking pretty sweet, no doubt be my first PS4 game played.

Games / So, how do you set your games up?
« on: April 24, 2013, 08:42:28 AM »
Just curious as to how you guys like to set your PC games up to play.  For me, the frames per second is the first thing I focus on, I will do almost anything to obtain that magical 60FPS refresh rate and hold it there, not just for shooters or fighting games, but gametype.  For this reason I'm a little bummed out by the fact that many PS4 devs seem to want to target 30FPS for next gen releases..

Next comes high resolution, I like things looking as crisp as possible. Only once I've managed a 1200P / 60FPS will I attempt to push the other settings up. I can barely even handle playing a console game these days, with often sub 720P capped at 30 fps.

I really envy those that suggest they can't tell the difference between 30 and 60 frames, and even more those that don't really care if the resolution is sub 1080P, it would make my hobby a whole lot cheaper :)

Of course ideally we'd all like things maxed as possible, but what trade offs do you guys make if you have to?  Like would you rather 720P @ 60FPS or 1080P @ 60fps?  Or would you rather have all the DX11 features on and not even care if you have to trade the rest off?

Games / Are you a fat ass gamer?
« on: April 20, 2013, 01:13:56 AM »
This could be your ticket to seeing your dick again:


*Updated 04/04/11* Copy and pasted from my old forums, needs a lot of work and updating, some links probably broken, formatting needs fixing, ect

This is for software and NOT free web based services (unless it's a web based server that helps provide free software). 

Supports Windows
Supports Mac
Supports Linux.
Supports Android Smartphones and Tablets.
Supports Ipod, Iphone and Ipad

When I say free, it has to be free for life, no trials or shareware. Programs with ads ARE allowed, but only if the ads are fairly none intrusive. Also, programs that are free for personal use and have limitations which are clearly never going to affect a personal user (but might affect someone using for business use) are fine.

Click the links to download the programs or go to the relevant webpages.

The easiest, fastest way to update or install much free software! For Windows and Linux, just pick your apps and click Get Installer. Ninite does the rest — fully automatic.  It has many of the apps listed below an adds more all the time. No Signup, Ninite just works. No account, signup, or client needed. A Ninite installer always gets an app's latest version no matter when you made it

Operating Systems
Linux is free, and there are many versions of it that all have the potential to be a windows replacement if you are willing to invest a little time into learning it.  Alittle unsupported on the games front, but the rumors of Steam heading towards it, and the development of Desura might  change all that.

Linux Newbie Guide
See here for an introduction to Linux.

Linux Mint
The quickest way to get into Linux, as its' very easy to set up and is very much like Windows to use.

NOTE: Some of these emulators are only legal to use if you own the systems themselves

Dos Box
lets you play many older games.  Not quite full featured as VMWare or Bochs, but it wasn't meant to be.  As far as playing old games, it's a keeper. Also see:

which gives sound support (SB16 and the like) to the horror that is the NT command prompt, where you can play the game if its feeling nice that day, but you're out of luck for sound, that project bridges that gap.  .

ScummVM well as pretty much every other platform with a microchip such as Smartphones and consoles.
ScummVM is targeted toward a specific audience, if you've got your LucasArts discs hanging about and you're getting nowhere trying to kick some ass with Ben Throttle or indulge in some insanity with Sam & Max, or putting hamsters in microwaves with Laverne, this is your salvation!  Plays beautifully even on Windows 7 x64, and they have versions for pretty much anything with a CPU, including phones and the Dreamcast. 

Fanatic Gamecube and Wii emulator. It has different features like DirectX11 support and offers the ability to run these games at HD resoultions! Meaning games often look better on Dolphin then the host consoles.  If your PC is a pretty modern gaming rig, you can expect full speed emulation for many games.  Also fully supports the Wiiremote.

The best Playstaion 2 Emulator out there.  Plays most commercial games, and with a powerful enough PC, some can run at full speed.  But due to the complexity of the PS2, even with a high end rig many will not hit 60 FPS.

Play Nintendo DS games on your PC or Mac. There are quite a few games that this great emu supports. It can run games on almost any PC, it's fast and stable.

Nintendo Entrainment System (NES) emulator. It can runny almost every game.

One of the better Snes emulators out there.

Not quite as good as Zsnes, but it's your best option if you have a Mac.

Visual Boy Advance

This lets you play Game boy advance (GBA) games on your PC. Like Nestopia, this emu will run almost anything.

Game Related
Programs here may also fit into category's below, but being a game site I though I'd also double some up here too

Most of you will know what Steam is by now, a digital distribution system for games that allows you to download your games collection from any PC. Worth getting for the convince alone, also has many epic sales where you can expect to pick up many games for cheap.

Track, message, and talk to your gaming friends, join them in games, browse servers, take screenshots and download patches. Xfire supports over 2074 games ...

Great little app that disables all unnecessary background processes at the click of a mouse leaving your entire system ready for gaming.

CheatBook Database
Want all your cheats in one place. Use this program. It updates once a month.

Web Browsing and E-mail

The ultimate free, open-source browser.  It has the lot, Tabs, pop-up blocking, themes, and plug in support. probably the world's best browser.

Not as flexible as Firefox, but still worth a look.  With a built in mail client, it stores the data in mbox format, very simple straight forward format, so its easily searched by external utilities.  Very easy to back up too.  IRC and NTTP integrated.

Love all things Mac but are forced to use a windows PC? this browser might help ease your pain.

Minimalistic and quick browser.

Mozilla Thunderbird
Nice mail client, good alternative to outlook.

Office, Word Processing and coding

Open Office
Very good free replacement for Microsoft office, also fully compatible with it. Getting better all the time!

Con Text
Context is one of the best text editors out there, for coding and more. You can also get the unreal highlighters for Postal coding HERE

Not-too-shabby Text editor with a regular-expression powered search engine and exec functions, customizable GUI and color coding and a lot more other stuff.

Windows Grep
Windows Grep is a tool for searching files for text strings that you specify. Although Windows and many other programs have file searching capabilities built-in, none can match the power and versatility of Windows Grep.

Windows Grep
C++ programming software

Media Players, Readers And Codacs

The worlds favorite free music player.

Sumatra PDF
Probably the best alternative to Adobe's Reader - It's Reader without Adobe's shit.

Foxit Reader
In it's early versions it was a simple PDF reader with no installation and a single file with size less than a 1MB.  Now it comes with an install, tons off adons and that pesky little ASK toolbar. But then again, it's a nice little reader.

It's a patch to Flash plugin which keeps fullscreen when focus is lost. Great for multiple monitor setups.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema
Winamp is the king of audio. MPC HC rules in terms of video. It's simple to use and it supports every format there is. This player is also included in K-Lite Codec Mega Pack.

Another great media app for all platforms, that has almost all codecs preinstalled

Real Alternative
Don't like Real Player? This tool will help you play RMVB files with no problem in MPC HC. MPC HC is included but you can get the Lite version of Real Alternative with only codecs.

Peer 2 Peer / Downloading / FTP

Your in a hurry but you don't want to wait to downlaod something from Rapidshare, Megaupload and so on? Get this tool and you can organize, manage and download things from nearly every site.

Nothing to discuss here. This is the best torrent app on the planet.

Another good torrent app that supports blocklists

One of the best FTP programs for uploading and download files from your server

Core FTP
Not quite is nice as filzilla, but it has one killer feature filezilla does not, you can set it up to copy files from one FTP address to another.  If you need the same files on multiple web servers (like if you run game server) this is a must.

Security Tools

Comodo Firewall
I don't know if any other personal firewall can top this, and it's free! It also includes a optional, very sophisticated Program Control feature.

Avira AntiVir Personal
One of the best free Antivirus programs that rivals with those that are not free, such as NOD32. You can also send Avira your files to be analyzed for viruses.

Reliable 64-bit antivirus

Handy System Tools

Runs many windows apps in Linux. It's a little hit and miss, but you might find that all your commonly used Windows programs will work (including some games) meaning you can leave MS behind for good.

For those of you still using XP, this brings the Snap feature of Win 7 into XP. This is probably the only feature I really miss when I have to use an XP pc so it's a great little app.

Sysinternal's Autoruns
Program that displays every single thing that will run you when start windows or other related system programs, including drivers, system files AND even programs that run at the very very beginning of Windows.

Sysinternal's Process Explorer
Task Manager on steroids. It lets you view what those Windows dlls are running and highlights a process when it is executing/terminating.

A free WinZip alternative.
Process Lasso
Process Lasso is NOT yet another task manager. It is a process optimization and automation utility. Priority optimization, affinity optimization, automated rules, you name it and Process Lasso has it. One of Process Lasso's most popular features is a unique technology called ProBalance (Process Balance) that will improve your PC's responsiveness and stability through process priority optimization.

Windows Enabler
Windows Enabler  allows the user to enable disabled windows and controls such as buttons and tick boxes and choose menu options that would normally be disabled. This is obviously a very dangerous practice if used recklessly but having said that, you’d be surprised at how often it comes in handy. Windows Enabler has a very simple user interface; it appears as an icon in the system tray and can be turned on and off simply by clicking on it.

Useful to edit EXE file affinity, gets rid of annoying fast-forward in Unreal engine games.  Nice too, since you are editing the file itself, no need to set affinity manually.

The Belarc Advisor builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, network inventory, missing Microsoft hotfixes, anti-virus status, security benchmarks, and displays the results in your Web browser. All of your PC profile information is kept private on your PC and is not sent to any web server.

Ava Find
Filename indexer for your hard drives, nice to have when you want to search for *.avi or something to that effect, or part of a filename, but don't want to wait for the filename search to complete.  Unfortunately, it does not index content, only filenames, which may be enough for some people.

MysticThumbs generates thumbnails of many image formats not natively supported by Windows. It plugs into Windows Explorer so you don't have to run a separate application to preview your images, see them all in the native shell and Open/Save dialog boxes in all 32 and 64 bit applications!

FastStone Image Viewer
FastStone Image Viewer is a fast, stable, user-friendly image browser, converter and editor. It has a nice array of features that include image viewing, management, comparison, red-eye removal, e-mailing, resizing, cropping and color adjustments

Take ownership
I hate Windows 7 ownership system, when it says that I don't own that folder/file and I can't do anything with it.
WTF?!?! I AM the owner of this PC so everything belongs to me. This little tool will help you get your ownership back.

It's cleaning time. You won't believe what junk you may have in your HDD. This program found 4.4GB on my friend PC of simple JUNK. You can also use it's registry tool to clean the registry and make your PC stable.

Memory cleaner.. really nice on older systems/netbooks,things of that sort.. cleans memory when it starts to get too low..

This tool will solve all your driver problems. It search's and finds new versions, it identifies unknown hardware. You have to register but it's completely free to use, there is a PRO version but who needs it. Windows 7 users with hardware problems must have this.

You want to delete a file and Windows says it's open in another program and you don't know which one. Restarting PC doesn't fix the problem. Use this tool, it will make your life easier.

WinToFlash  will help pull over the contents of a windows installation CD or DVD and prep the USB drive to become a bootable replacement for the optical drive.

Kinda like WinToFlash above, but for Linux.

Can speed up the time windows copies files from one drive to another.


Cheese uses your webcam to take photos and videos, applies fancy special effects and lets you share the fun with others.

Video and Music Editing

Free Studio Manager
Download Videos + Songs from Youtube, convert Flash or Videos, burn High Quality CD's, rip DVD's you can do everything with this tool.

VirtualDub is a video capture/processing utility.  It lacks the editing power of a general-purpose editor such as Adobe Premiere, but is streamlined for fast linear operations over video. 

Communication Programs

Skype-to-Skype voice and video calls are completely free.

This is one of the best alternative out there supporting most of the features of MSN, without the ads.

Most of you will know what Steam is by now, a digital distribution system for games that allows you to download your games collection from any PC. Worth getting for the convince alone, also has many epic sales where you can expect to pick up many games for cheap.

Track, message, and talk to your gaming friends, join them in games, browse servers, take screenshots and download patches. Xfire supports over 2074 games ...

2d And 3d Design

Gimp is a real free alternative to Photoshop and can be used for professional work.

Blender has nearly all the power of Max and Maya, but is 100% free. Unorthodox user interface, but there is an abundance of support for it.
Paint.NET is free image and photo editing software for computers that run Windows. It features an intuitive and innovative user interface with support for layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools.  More direct and to the point then Gimp, good MS paint replacement for simple editing tasks.

Thread In progress

P2 and AW General / Serious question about POSTAL 2 achievements.
« on: April 06, 2013, 04:54:56 PM »
Okay I'm going to put this to the fans, I need some feedback.

When we started planning achievements for POSTAL 2, I was all 'fuck yeah, lets do loads, at least 100, maybe more!'.  I thought this was just simply, without question a good thing for players if we had the resources to do it.

Then today, someone who I have a great deal of respect for said he thought 100 was kinda a lot, and players might get bored of the game long before they had gotten them all.  It's an interesting point and if he thinks it, others might too.  He pointed toward Killing Floor having 200+ as being too many (although my counter there is Killing Floor is not open world like P2 and is more MP focused, and P2 replying to goof around and get achievements would be more fun over a longer time)

He also suggested that if we did do 100+, we could release maybe 30 at first, then the rest in blocks of 10 over time to pace them, but still actually track all 100 at once (so basically, say you had actually already achieved one of the 'un released' achievements just by playing like Kill 100 cats during a single run though, it would be automatically unlocked when we released the achievement).

Both the achievements, and the art to go with them cost money, and these are resources we could put towards other parts of updating the game if we do less, hence why this is important to know how much you guys want them. I want tons, but I'm a RWS member and hardcore fan of the game that would enjoy getting every one of them, but I don't wanna get lost in my own eagerness here.

So what do you think?

P2 and AW Support / Bugs and Balance improvements.
« on: April 06, 2013, 02:54:24 AM »
So we are starting work on updating P2 for Steam. While we are there we'd like to correct some bugs. I can't promise we will fix every bug you guys list, but we'll at least look into them.

This can be anything from outright crashing (provide crash reports)  to simple things like getting stuck somewhere in the maps geomotory. As much info as possible would be helpful, and post screenshots where applicable.

ALSO, taking requests for tweaks and updates.  Maybe the game is too hard in places? Needs better balance, more health packs?

Let us have it! I'll update this thread to keep track of things.

Just logging known bugs posted in various forums from the game.

Misplaced world objects ect (1st corpse after jacking off for money in the hospital, squashed paws)

Game Breaking Bugs

-In AW, it's impossible to get past Vince's house on difficulty level 'They hate me' (Dude is killed during the cutscene by RWS employees because they hate him)

Balance improvements

-SiC armor depletes way too fast?

-Taliban Camp in AW maybe to hard

-Army Base in AW way too hard:

Military Base Balance Issues
Now the balance I mentioned clearly fails at the military base level from AW. First off, you start without your inventory of health items you've gathered throughout the game AND not on full health too (was 73 for me), the soldiers (which are quite possibly the toughest enemies of the game) come in huge packs and medkits are scarce to almost non-existance. I was playing on aggresive difficulty level, but still 4-5 medkits and what feels like 100+ soldiers is tough, even though I gathered a health pipe hidden in a ventilation shaft. And the container FULL of medkits you dont actually need at that point of the game (at the end of non-zombie part of the level) is quite ironic. What I wanna say is: can you maybe throw some more medkits around for good measure? Like on the shelves near weapon stashes?What makes it harder is also the steep difficulty curve. Up until military base Ihad food and pipesa plenty, and killed everyone without too much troubles, being stripped of all of that is kinda too much.


-The petition when in Widescreen aspect ratio does not show the whole line "to make whiny congressmen play violent video games".

-The head thingie (when the gore texture comes out of the back of the neck when the character moves his head ) is not fixed in AW. It is in P2 though

-When the player goes to return the library book as they enter the library the load zone bar across the bottom appears and then it crashes saying Directx 8.1b or higher is needed. Seems to work after the player has completed the petition mission.

-Mirror Bug:
One that is particularly annoying is a mirror bug. I'm playing in 1920x1080 so it might have something to do with this. When I look in the mirror (and the good example is police interrogation rooms)
I sometimes see myself and the room I'm in as I should, sometimes I see the room behind the mirror, like through the window with or without my reflection randomly, and a lot of times I see people running towards me from another room (it looks kind of like a wallhack if you know what I mean).

Other bugs include flickering textures on far away objects, (happened to the meat world sign which was far away once, also happened a lot to the vegetation decals in AW which cover the walls of the inner garden of bullfish interactive and nice bestiality picture in the boss' office (the one with the cow, well you know...) and objects disappearing and re-appearing while moving camera (this happened most clearly when Dude's headwound kicked in after he stole the nuclear warhead. Those islands chained together and the stuff that was floating around them kept doing that disappearing act when they were near the border of my field of view. This might have something to do with the fog but what can I know?.
Disappearing objects (kinda hard to tell on screenshots, better try in-game. Look closely.): 

-Fullbright props: Fullbright models on some maps (military base, bullfish interactive after zombie invasion), like a lot of doors ,cars etc. Especially noticeable in AW.
Door ang items 
Lockers and people
Swithing the render type fixes the fullbright issues but introduces a whole lot of other issues (like non-functional mirrors etc.)

Out of world bugs:

If you walk through then back on yourself which normally would load you back you go through the world

One of the chicken queen estates entrances *not the bridge by rws offices,one of the other ones* if you walk into to it,let the map load,then immediately walk backwards for about 15 feet you will fall under the map and just roam around in blue hell until you kill yourself. I think the entrance it works on is where the green explosive pipes are,havent played the game in a few months.

Postal 2 Out of - suburbs-3

Postal 2 Out of - Suburbs-1

Postal 2 Out of - Rwsblock

Postal 2 Out of - Police

Postal 2 Out of - Parade

Postal 2 Out of - Library2 (glitch) (Embedding disabled, limit reached)
Postal 2 Out of - Junkyard (Embedding disabled, limit reached)
Postal 2 Out of - Industry (Embedding disabled, limit reached)
Postal 2 Out of - Highlands (Embedding disabled, limit reached)
Postal 2 Out of - Greenbelt2 (Embedding disabled, limit reached)
Postal 2 Out of - Forest (Embedding disabled, limit reached)
Postal 2 Out of - Estate (Embedding disabled, limit reached)
Postal 2 Out of - Church (Embedding disabled, limit reached)


I'm guessing this guy had one too many and went online, never a good idea.

Games / At last, Half Life 2 Episode 3 preorders up.
« on: April 01, 2013, 12:22:54 PM »
Thought it would never happen, already put in my order.

P1 General / Updates so far for P1 on Steam.
« on: March 25, 2013, 06:17:40 PM »

P1 is having a fair old overhaul for Steam.

So far we have:


-Much better sound quality than fudge pack, Desura and GoG builds.

-Your save games are in Steam Cloud, and cross platform compatible with Window, Linux and MacOS

-Better-behaved on Windows (don't write to install dir, etc),

-lots of bug fixes.

-OpenGL support! If your system supports it, we try to use OpenGL to render the game. This gives you a more consistent framerate (around 60fps or whatever), and more importantly, it lets you use the Steam Overlay in the game. This means you can take screenshots, see achievement notifications and chats, pop up a web browser, etc.  This would not have worked with default POSTAL 1 being software rendered.

Hopefully to come:

-Much better Achievement icons (because it matters, right?!)

-Widescreen support

-Full controller support for big picture

-Possible MP with Steamworks (don't count on this, but we will try!)

-Add your suggestions here!

P1 General / POSTAL 1 Achievement suggestions
« on: March 11, 2013, 02:06:33 PM »
Okay guys, so IF P1 was to come to Steam, and IF we were to implement achievements, what suggestions do you have?

Front Page News / POSTAL 2 Complete for Linux: On Steam!
« on: January 19, 2013, 06:56:15 AM »
POSTAL 2 Complete for Linux: On Steam!

The Linux version of POSTAL 2 is now ready for download.  If you already have POSTAL 2 on your Steam account, then you already own the Linux (and also Mac) version via Steam play.

Next up: Achievements!

Front Page News / POSTAL 2 Complete for Mac is now on Steam!
« on: December 20, 2012, 11:03:28 AM »
POSTAL 2 Complete for Mac: On Steam!

Just in time for Christmas, the Mac version of POSTAL 2 is now ready for download.  If you already have POSTAL 2 on your Steam account, then you already own the Mac version via Steam play.

Next up: Linux!

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