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Front Page News / Vince and Mike J at E3
« on: June 16, 2014, 08:33:13 AM »
Vince and Mike J at E3

E3 is one of the most exciting, entertaining and informative events that takes place in the gaming world. It brings together some of the most well known game developers and introduces new comers into the gaming world. It’s where real life meets fantasy and the only limit to creativity is how far designers can stretch their imaginations. Vince and Mike attended this year’s event to announce the development of PARADISE LOST. Besides meeting old friends, getting new ideas and chatting with the ladies there were all kinds of mind blowing displays. We thought you might enjoy seeing some of the people and exhibits at this year’s event.

Our heads were so swollen by the overwhelmingly positive reaction our announcement of PARADISE LOST received, these headphones would just about fit.

Jason Garber from Stainless Games. Some of you may have noticed the Eagle has landed on a billboard in Paradise.

Our good friend Gareth from Skewed'n'Reviewed

Here is Rob Smith from Machinima

Matt Gilgenbach from Infinitap Games

Ryan Sharpe from Get Well Gamers

Alika and Chelsea of PMS Clan

Vince visiting the Nvidia booth

Mike visiting the Ubisoft booth

Cool tank from World of Tanks

Vince outside of E3

Mike…and that may be one of his old girlfriends in the background.

Front Page News / PARADISE LOST
« on: June 10, 2014, 11:18:08 AM »

It's E3, the time everyone reveals their dog-eared, long time planned, plotted and sweated over cards to the world and shows what they are up to. It's always fun to see what, with a little bit of luck and a big imagination, the next big hit of the decade might be. Well Running With Scissors doesn't plan on being left anywhere in the dust. You may have guessed that we had a plan to get back in to the game with all the massive free updates we have been releasing for POSTAL 2. Now it's finally time to announce officially that POSTAL 2 is growing again! No this isn't just more new content for you to enjoy while playing the classic POSTAL 2 and it isn't just a holiday themed new content. It's a whole new thing! RWS is proud to announce POSTAL 2: PARADISE LOST, a brand new expansion to our world renowned game! That's right, you asked us to do it, and we are actually listening! A brand shining new expansion that is being made in-house and best of all the development has already started! The estimated time of release for PARADISE LOST is Fall 2014.

Click here to read the Official Press Release!

Click here to see the Official Announcement Trailer and an interview with Vince and Mike J

Join our Official Steam Group!

It's not too late to enter our Steam Workshop Contest!

Front Page News / RWS was at Phoenix Comicon
« on: June 09, 2014, 04:42:51 PM »
RWS was at Phoenix Comicon

The stars were out in Phoenix June 5th – 8th. The Phoenix Convention Center was the site of the annual Comic Book Convention otherwise known as Comicon.  Along with stars like Michael Rooker who played Merle in The Walking Dead and Nathon Fillon, Captain Malcom Reynolds of Firefly fame and many other well-known and popular people, including our own Mike Jaret, were in attendance. Always a riot, the Comicon is not something you would ever want to miss. Besides all of your favorite stars being there, it has great events such as the Steampunk Fashion Show to keep you entertained. Those guys and gals and other galaxy creatures really know how to strut their stuff! There is also the fun of the masquerade. You can actually dress as your favorite character and people will actually admire you instead of pointing and laughing. Mike was lucky enough to meet some of the characters in person.  In a comparison of muscles, Mike made a pretty good showing but he has a little way to go yet to measure up to the Incredible Hulk.
Comicon began in 2002 as just a small one day event. It featured only comic related material and attracted only 432 people. Since its inception it has grown to encompass web comics, fantasy novels, video games and collectible cards. Attendance in 2013 expanded to a massive 55,313 and as expected this year’s Comicon was once again the scene of thousands of aliens, creatures, mechanical men and ordinary people just out having fun. Make sure you have the date marked out for next year’s Comicon. You don’t want to miss it.

Front Page News / Indie Spotlight: Always Sometimes Monsters
« on: June 09, 2014, 07:16:17 AM »
Indie Spotlight: Always Sometimes Monsters

About a fortnight ago we posted a bit of a tongue in cheek Indie Spotlight featuring POSTAL 2 as a real-life simulator game. It’s now time for the actual new Indie Spotlight.  This time it’s from a game which is a much truer to life real-life simulator. In this game the decisions you make, even if the decisions are seemingly arbitrary, impact your story in some way. Let’s put you in to the situation of the protagonist of the game for moment. What would you do if…

Your pockets are empty.
Your life is in shambles.
You've ruined your career.
You're being evicted.
The love of your life is marrying someone else.

How far will you be willing to go to make things right again?
What are you willing to sacrifice for one more chance at happiness?
Who are you willing to hurt in the process?

Who could judge you?
In the end, aren't we Always Sometimes Monsters?

Always Sometimes Monsters is an unusual game but a game that you yourself play every day without even fully realizing it. The amount of time it takes to finish the game is pretty much based on your decisions. It’s completely possible for the game to be over within the first 2 minutes just because of the decision you make. If you progress past the opening adventure, the real story begins to unfold. Since this is a game where your decisions shape the world it means there can be constant change. With such a variety in choices, the replay-ability of the game is extremely high. This Spotlight will focus on the story or the elements of the story as little as possible in order to avoid any spoilers or influence to your decisions. The basic premise is that with precious little time left you make a last-ditch effort to salvage your world. You do this initially by just trying to keep a roof over your head since your rent is overdue and you are about to be evicted for being a deadbeat. Eventually this leads to setting out on a cross-country journey to win back the love of your life. During this journey you must endure the hardship of making story-defining choices that will affect your life and the lives of those around you.

As mentioned earlier, this Spotlight will not spoil anything. We applaud what the developers did for the achievements in this game. Always Sometimes Monsters has only freely given progress based achievements. Generally when you look at a game where the achievements are all freebies received just for playing, it might seem like a lazy way to add achievements. You may feel that it robs you of your gaming right to do ludicrous challenges to get your profile sticker. With that said, this is one of those games where you really need to respect the fact that the achievements do not force your hand to earn them, they just unlock and add interest as the story progresses. Having any form of specific requirements to unlock an achievement in this game would force your hand in to making certain decisions. Being forced into any actions would entirely defeat the purpose and most likely spoil the game. 

There are also collectables in the game. You get them simply by searching around or you can win them from the arcade. These collectables showcase other Indie Games including our own POSTAL 2. Some of the fun collectables available are Krotchy, Champ and the Postal Dude. What you do with them is up to you. You can attempt to collect them all and try to make a full set or just sell them for quick cash.

Always Sometimes Monsters looks and sounds like a classic JRPG on the surface due to being a game made in RPG Maker but it really doesn’t fit well in to that genre.  It’s more of a simulator and adventure game mixed together with some JRPG elements mixed in. For those that have difficulty playing games that do not have next-gen true to life realism graphics you will be missing a completely fun opportunity if you pass up this game solely for that reason.

When we do an Indie Spotlight it’s always based on a first impression. The amount of time it takes between the first play and the actual posting is solely dependant on how much a game hooks me in to it. “Should I finish writing that post for our fans now, or should I ‘research’ this game a little more and do the write-up tomorrow?” Decisions, decisions! To be honest, when I first seen this game I didn’t think I would like it. It was nice that they had referenced POSTAL 2 in their game so we figured we should at least tweet about it. When I first started playing Always Sometimes Monsters, I thought this was going to be a very hard Spotlight to make. On the surface the game seemed rather dull and pointless. “It’s just a bunch of talking and choosing a response” how can I possibly make an Indie Spotlight about it that is both fair to the developer and fair to our fans. At that point I was still expecting the game to hold my hand and that some automatically triggered event would happen to add some kind of resolution at the end of the day. That check you were waiting on was in your mailbox when you got home; all your decisions were kind of pointless. Yawn… but that wasn’t what happened at all. I slept on the street that night. This game was serious about the decisions you make, I underestimated it completely. I found this game moving from dull to very intriguing. Rather than restarting I decided to live with my decisions and try to do better the next day. The next day I tried to do what I thought was best and ended up making a mess of things. The day after that I did a little better and my decisions led to positive results. At this point I was thinking… wait, I see what is going on, my first impression was right, it was just tricking me. I restarted the game and did things differently figuring “I’m on to you game” turns out my life was very different. I used the money from a person wanting me to pick an item up for them to buy lottery tickets. I did really well and won big many times in a row. That made me able to pay off my rent at the end of the day and still gave the unsuspecting person their item (because I am an honest scoundrel in this life). Score! So the solution to the first puzzle is to play the lottery. I restarted again to test this… I lost horribly on the lottery; all those big wins I got in my first try were just luck. This game is right back to intriguing and now it has me completely hooked; the post will have to wait until the next day or maybe even the day after.... Well it’s been a few days an entire week now since I initially started writing this and I still don’t feel ready to post which is a first for me and these Indie Spotlights. 
Probably the easiest way to do this without spoilers is to contrast between the game and real life. Most of you have probably been to some kind of party. Unless you are a wallflower you generally mingle with the others attending the party. Who do you talk to? Who do you share a drink with? What do you eat? These are just minor decisions you have to make in your life that generally may or may not have consequences. 

Moving forward, what do you do when you fall on hard times? How far will you reach or how low are you willing to go to get back on your feet? Would you take just any odd jobs that are offered or would you have higher standards and try to hold out for something more prestigious? Would you be willing to steal? Cheat? Lie? Blackmail? Swindle? Sabotage others for personal gain? What if time was running out and you were really desperate, would you be able to still take the moral high road or would you sink to the underworld? These and more are the kind of tough decisions that you will need to make every day both in real life and in the game.

How about things where you yourself are not directly impacted? Interactions with friends can often lead to you influencing them both in real life and in the game. When you help a friend out, do you do your best to help them so things will be perfect for them or just do whatever as fast and effortlessly as you can? Perhaps a friend with an addiction is at risk of a relapse, would you do anything help prevent it, encourage it or just shrug it off thinking it’s going to happen anyway so why bother? Maybe you found an item someone lost and may be desperately looking for, would you give it back to them, keep it for yourself or sell it for profit? When you think about it, the decisions you make every day sometimes without even realizing, may be overwhelming. Often there just isn't enough time in the day to do all that you have thought of or planned.

Just like in real life, not every decision in the game has an obvious outcome either, so you can’t just pick what you think is “the right decision” and run with it. Helping someone out might lead to someone else ending up dead simply because you were not there to save them. Your life impacts others even if you try to avoid it. Your inaction can be just as good or bad as your action.

You even have to worry about where you will sleep and what you will eat and drink. You are not forced to sleep in the same place every night. You choose what kinds of foods you eat and drink too. Do you want to be a junk food junkie? Do you want to try to eat healthier? Maybe you would prefer to catch fish for your meal rather than buying food at all. If you want to visit the washroom, do you go to the one associated with your gender or risk the other one?

Almost no decision, no matter how large or small, is left out of the game. How you spend each day of your life is defined by you and you alone. There are a few time-based events available for you to take part in but only if you choose to do so. If there are multiple things for you to do, you can’t do them all. It is just like in real life when there is a deadline. Time marches on and you may miss the opportunity to do the other things (until your next play through of course). Your decisions really do end up mattering.

When you put it all together, Always Sometimes Monsters is one of the most complex and thought provoking games I have played in quite some time. It really makes you think about your actions in life and reflect on how things could have been different if you had simply made a different decision. Once I make it to the end of the game, I will certainly be replaying it just to see what my life would be like if I did a few things differently. It will be very interesting to be a different kind of person and see where life and my decisions take me. I am sure I will have been many different people with many diverse personalities before I am done with this game.


Front Page News / RWS is in the Playoffs
« on: June 04, 2014, 09:01:11 PM »
RWS is in the Playoffs

Okay here’s a little something for all you sports fans out there. RWS isn’t only making a name for itself with its great video games, it’s also doing pretty good in team sports. The place to be on a Tuesday night is the Tucson Indoor Sports Center if you want to watch some fast paced action and cheer on your favorite winning team. The boys in the bright orange RWS jerseys are the ones to watch of course. Although unknown in some parts of the world inline hockey, similar to ice hockey, takes planning, stamina and real athletic ability.

RWS' favorite team plays in the Division 2 Men’s League. The team went 7-1 with the only loss coming in as a late game heartbreaker in the 8th game. The guys played a great game and put up a strong defense but the other team managed to slap in a goal giving the other team the 10-9 win. With all their wins, RWS is going into the playoffs as the number 1 seed.  With that in mind, we are hoping they will come out on top or at least close to it. Playoffs start next Tuesday so we want to wish the all the teams good luck. As you would expect, we can’t help but wish a little more luck to the guys in the bright orange RWS jerseys.

The winning team consists of RWS own Mike Jaret, Andrew Sommers, Mark Rosen, Gerald Zivic, Roger Haines, Shea Taylor, Dennis Leary, Remy Cooper & Goaltender Pete Zoblotsky. You couldn’t find a better group of guys so if you are in the Tucson area why not stop, take in a game and cheer them on.

Reminder for the Ultimate Fan Mod Workshop Contest

It’s nice to see that the Steam Workshop is starting to really take off and fill out nicely. At the time of writing this there are almost 100 Steam Workshop items available for you to select and freely play around with. Some of these items are really extraordinary and very well done. That’s all we are going to tell you about them though. We want you to see for yourself. Considering Workshop hasn’t been out very long, that’s pretty great results and shows a lot of interest and support from our gamers.

With Workshop available and our related Workshop Contest running, we figured now is a good time to ask you once again what is it that you think POSTAL 2 is missing? We have had some great suggestions given to us in the past that we have done our best to work on but now it’s your turn to be creative. What wonderful feature, weapon, ability or other thing do you think that POSTAL 2 lacks to make it the best game it could possibly be? Before, all you could do to try and enhance your game was comment on our forums, reply to a thread like this, send us an email or contact us through our social sites in order for us to hear your ideas. Now you can just make your ideas yourself, release them in all their glory, then sit back and await your much deserved accreditation and acknowledgement from the wildly grateful masses. What an exciting time we live in!

Sadly some of you don’t have the ability to actually make the mods yourself. This might be because you don’t have the time available to actually make your special mod or just aren’t clear on how to make it and don’t have the time to learn how to start. In either case that is a real shame because we would really like to see all of your ideas in action. If you are desperate to see your ideas become reality but are unable to do it yourself for some reason, perhaps you could try dropping them in this thread. Maybe someone who has the time but lacks the creativity to come up with their own novel idea will see it and run with it. That way you may at least get your great idea into the game by proxy. Since I am a person who on occasion enjoys another game known as Hat Fortress 2, I find the lack of weaponized hats in that game shocking. I’m sure it would be quite the Odd Job (*snicker*) to make a weaponized hat for POSTAL 2 though.  At the least you could try for a slick top hat, killer suit and sharp tie for the Dude complimented by a nice spike encrusted swagger stick, after all, just about anything can be turned into a weapon.

So what ideas do you have? Let everyone know. List them below or get to making them yourself. Don’t forget if you do make something for Workshop post a link in the contest thread to be entered to win! There is still plenty of time left to get to work on your entries. Don't forget that the Grand Prize winner gets to be in the game! Contest ends July 31st, 2014.

Front Page News / Happy Birthday Vince!
« on: May 21, 2014, 09:46:40 AM »
Happy Birthday Vince!

He probably isn’t going to be too happy about this as he prefers Champ, The Dude and RWS/POSTAL related news to make the headlines but the main man of our previous front page is making the front page news again. This time it is to celebrate a special occasion.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VINCE from all of us here at RWS!

We won’t say how old Vince is but just that he is slightly older than the Dude. Like fine wine the man is simply getting better as time passes. With Vince’s positive outlook on life and sense of fun, things can only keep getting better. Remember his motto "It’s always funny until someone gets hurt… …then it’s friggin’ hysterical!"  We know you are going to keep us laughing for many more years to come Vince! Have a great day and save us some birthday cake!

Front Page News / Retro Gamer's Interview with Vince
« on: May 17, 2014, 01:43:43 PM »
Retro Gamer's Interview with Vince

It’s already half way through a new month so it’s about time for us to put up another sexy, good looking face for everyone to carefully inspect and admire, not to mention those interesting interviews to read. Ummm well I guess this Babe is not exactly what we are used to or expecting but I guess maybe you could say it’s a treat for the ladies. The eye candy this month is none other than our very own Vince. Retro Gamer Magazine was nice enough to take an interest in our POSTAL games and request an interview for their column called “Moment With?”. For those of you not familiar with Retro Gamer Magazine, it is a well known and interesting publication providing in-depth articles on the best games, machines and developers etc. produced in past years. Vince was glad to comply with their request. As with all Babes the best part is really the interview so here it is below:

1. Which of your games would you recommend to our readers and why?

Vince: POSTAL 2 because it captures all the insanity, humor and essence of what Running With Scissors is all about.  From basic good old game playing fun to outrageous antics POSTAL offers unadulterated sick as fuck fun. Second choice is Alter Ego: Male or Female version originally published by Activision in the early 80's on PC/Mac. Why? Simple it’s different, very different.

2. What is your proudest memory?

Vince: When you've lived the life of a thousand men and died 999 times its hard to single out one specific memory.  I'd say it’s the ongoing email from fans for over 15 years telling me how much fun they have playing POSTAL games.

3. What's the most difficult thing you've encountered while working on a game?

Vince: Dealing with publishers who don't give a fuck about anything but money.  This is a totally true story, many years ago in the 80's a kids games publisher actually shipped units with a note in the box saying to return to the store in a few weeks, no bull, a fuckin note not a disk.  I'm all in favor of making money and want publishers to be successful but we should never forget that quality not quantity is what defines success over time. 

4. Which industry veteran do you most admire?

Vince: Gene Lipkin.  Gene was one of the original founders of ATARI.  Like most industries and businesses it’s the person behind the scenes that makes things happen.  Many late night discussions with him influenced me to start RWS.  With your permission I'd like to add my dear friend, original RWS member and Godfather of Video Game journalism Bill Kunkel, may he rest in peace.

5. How would you like your games to be remembered?

Vince: KEEP PLAYING THEM!  Anyone that knows us knows that playing for fun is what we're all about.  I just want to thank all our fans around the world who have made POSTAL a part of video game history. Hopefully people will remember the fun and laughs they had even if it came from pissing and throwing up on people. Very important is for everyone to remember that violence belongs in games and not in the streets.

6. Which game do you wish you'd made and why?

Vince: I've always wanted to make psychological and sex games.  I'm not talking about the cheap feel crap everyone is offering these days and I don't mean porn.  I'm talking about appealing to human nature and needs.  That day will come.

7. What opportunities has making videogames given you?

Vince: Beyond the traveling, the lawsuits, and blacklisting without a doubt the most rewarding opportunity has been developing friendships with fans all around the world.  Over the years I've enjoyed dinner with families from Moscow to Tokyo.  It's funny how in a weird way technology has made so many people isolated from human contact and yet it’s the complete opposite that I relish most.  Tech shrinks geography and allows new relations otherwise impossible.

8. What's your darkest memory of being in the games industry?

Vince: I never let Dark light dominate my being.  Reading lies and distorted answers from interviews I've done by garbage pseudo journalists. I think the worst was when I was interviewed for the Wall St. Journal.  The reporter later admitted to me he never played the game, never seen the game played, and relied on what he had heard.  You fuckiin kidding me?  The WSJ?  I have very little faith in the media especially when it's a reported story.

9. And your best?

Vince: Today doing this interview.  I prefer the present over anything I've accomplished in the past.  I sincerely believe in the living and doing.  Every day I make mistakes, the good news is I get another chance to make things right. Like redoing this interview cause I didn’t meet the required word count HA!

10. Can you share one interesting anecdote about your time in the industry?

Vince: The sad fact that many game reviewers loved POSTAL but were forced to write a bad review because of politics.  I forgive them for not having balls but that’s exactly why we're here.  RWS has balls and we're happy slapping them in your face.

11. How has the industry changed over the last 20 years?

Vince: The Net has changed EVERYTHING. I'm still waiting for an app to wipe my ass, no worries, I'm sure someone is working on it right now, probably in Japan. Without a doubt the thing I like most is that today someone by themselves can write a game app and release it without being raped by a major publishing house. 

Running With Scissors is always pleased to provide interviews to interested people or publications such as Retro Gamer Magazine. We believe without this kind of publication, some of the best games out there might be lost or forgotten. In any case it’s always fun to look back at what used to be the most up-to-date and popular games of all time and compare them to what is out now. You might be surprised at how well some of the old-timers are still holding their own; the POSTAL series of course, still being #1 in our own humble opinion.


There now Heather can't say we have never had a male POSTAL Babe of the Month!

Ultimate Fan Mod Workshop be in POSTAL 2 Yourself

Ahhh… Steam Workshop, what a magical and wonderful place to visit. It is filled with such brilliantly fan made modifications for POSTAL 2 that they almost look professionally done. Such unique and curious oddities add to the enjoyment of POSTAL 2. To top it off, it is laid out in an easy to use grid. It’s effortless to browse and just needs a simple click on any mod you find interesting in order to read more about them. When you have made your choice, hit subscribe to download them to POSTAL 2. Once you have downloaded all the mods you want, just launch POSTAL 2, click New Game and you will see the Workshop button in the list. Click that and tell it which mods you want loaded in to your game and you are good to go.

Those fan made mods don’t get made by themselves though; dedicated fans put time and effort in to creating each and every one of them. With the help of our official POSTed Development kit and this very nicely made Steam Workshop Guide even those who have never made a mod before can make a mod for POSTAL 2. Just think of it, maybe you have had an idea of something you would really love to see in POSTAL 2 but no one else seems to have ever thought of it. Well now you can make it yourself and share your genius with the world! Now we hear you, making a mod takes time and you would rather just be enjoying POSTAL 2 without having to tinker with POSTed. Maybe you just need some motivation to get those creative juices flowing, well here comes your motivation right now. Hot on the heels of the Ultimate Fan contest comes the Ultimate Fan Mod Workshop Contest. Our last contest was a blast and we had a lot of fun entries but this contest promises to be even cooler. We know you are all going to be desperate to win when you hear about our extra-special prize!

So what do you have to do to win the title of the Ultimate Workshop Fan Mod Creator? The answer is really quite simple. You must make your own special mod for POSTAL 2. We have no restrictions on what kind of mod it can be to win. Want to make a new weapon? Go for it! Want a new kind of NPC? Sure why not? New hats maybe? Everyone likes hats so much that there is an entire game that we know of that is dedicated to collecting and trading hats! Possibly you are ambitious and want to make a total conversion mod? Awesome! It really can be anything you can think of. The sky is the limit. You can make multiple mods if you like too. You are not limited to a single entry but you are limited to a single prize pack. Want some ideas? Check out what already exists in the Steam Workshop. Maybe they will inspire you to make something amazing. Remember the April Fool’s day DLC jokes? Some of those items are in the Workshop right now such as the awesome and completely useful Champ Armor. 

As with all things there are some rules, so here they are:

  • You must own the rights to all the assets you used to make your mod. You can’t port a weapon from another game using their assets unless you were the original creator of that mod. As fun as it is, you can’t rip the infamous purple bat out of Saints Row: The Third and claim it for your own. We will know, and if we don’t know, someone will point it out to us!
  • It should be something new. We likely loved the mod you made back in 2008, and we really appreciate the effort you put in to it, truly we do, but don’t you think it is time to try to make something new? Maybe it will be even better than your old mod!
  • Mod must be compatible with POSTAL 2 build 1415 or newer.
  • We reserve the right to modify the rules at any time. Prizes may be substituted at RWS discretion and are subject to availability.
  • Contest void where prohibited and subject to age restrictions where appropriate.
  • You have until July 31st, 2014 to have all your entries in.
  • Entries will be judged based on our opinion of them primarily with consideration given to the rating and the number of Current Subscribers and Favorites for the mod.
  • RWS employees can't win this contest.....grr that's not fair!

How to enter?

Easy just upload your creation to Steam Workshop and post the link in this thread to be considered an Entry.

Need to get POSTAL 2 on Steam in order to access Steam Workshop and POSTed? It’s on sale for 70% off until May 17th, so get it today and start modding! Maybe pick up some extra copies of POSTAL 2 from our sale to share with your friends or talk them in to buying it so they can help test your creations. 

Not sure how to access POSTed? It’s located in Tools. Tools can be located in the drop box that lets you filter your game list.

Well that about wraps up this post so … oh right… the Prizes.

The First Prize consists of a RWS Prize Pack, what’s in the Prize Pack, we have no idea yet but it is pretty awesome! But that’s not all; first place winner and a friend of their choice also get to be in POSTAL 2 themselves! Your friend must consent to being in the game so no choosing your ex, your mother-in-law or your boss without their permission in order to do nasty things to them. You could maybe slip a permission slip in with your TPS reports for your boss to accidently sign but that might not be too wise.

We will be awarding other prizes as well so stay tuned as we might detail them later once we get some money to buy the keys to open these mysterious boxes we found in the cupboard.

There you have it; you can actually be in POSTAL 2! Told you, you are really going to want to win this one! So grab your safety gear and head off to the work shop. See you in about three months to see what you have created. There is no prize for entering first, so no need to do a rush job. Take the time to tighten all the nuts and bolts and add some nice polish to it.

We are constantly amazed by the incredible talent shown by our fans and look forward to seeing all the mind blowing entries. Good luck to all of you!

Every contest has fine print, so here is the fine print for this contest.

Quickie: Just a reminder, POSTAL 2 is 70% off until the 17th!

With the launch of Steam Workshop and POSTed in full swing now, we figured we probably should have a sale so everyone will have a chance to try it out. For all of those aspiring Workshop Creatives, what better time to pick yourself up the copy of POSTAL 2 that you have been meaning to get but keep forgetting to order. While your at it, why not get the four pack to share with your friends. Think of the hours of fun you will have testing out each others masterpieces!

WE HAVE OUR WINNERS for the Ultimate Fan Prize Pack - Art/Video Contest!

Running With Scissors ultimate choice at the very top of the stack is this lovely golden wood carving of the Dude at work.  Such attention to detail tells the tragic story of the Dude and his faithful canine companion Champ. There is no other entry that even comes close to this perfection. 1st Prize goes to its talented creator… me. RWS liked my descriptive carving so much I decided we had no choice but to follow up and give 2nd prize to its original blueprint. Therefore, 2nd prize also goes to me as well.

I am just so honored to have been picked not once but twice!! I don’t even know where to begin. I would like to thank the Academy and… WAIT! WHAT!! BWAAAA!!! Unfortunately I just got an urgent message. As an employee of RWS, I am not eligible to enter our contests. The prizes must go to somebody else even if I personally think they are less deserving than my exquisitely hand-carved stick figures.

Seriously folks, it has been a fun six weeks waiting and watching as our contest entries at first got off to a slow start but then the competition livened up and your submissions poured in. We were pleased and surprised at the amount of entries we actually received. The competition was quite fierce and there were some notable stand-outs in the bunch. We hadn't really expected so much time and talent to be put into our contest so we were more than a little astonished but very happy when the entries began to mount up. Quite a few of the entries were exceptional and all of the various works displayed a lot of thought and foresight. We wish we could declare all of them grand prize winners because we know a lot of effort went in to each and every endeavor but of course to be fair there can only be one top winner. 

Just a reminder before we get started.Listed below are the prizes we will be presenting to our lucky winners. Didn't win? Get yours from our store today!

The Grand Prize consists of:
One of our very own RWS T-shirts [Winner's choice of style, color, and size from our store]
A fabulous chick magnet Krotchy Doll,
A decorative metal RWS sign to really class up your room
A copy of the classic Fudge Pack
POSTAL: The Movie [winner’s choice of DVD or Blu-ray.]

Second Prize:
A RWS T-shirt [Winner's choice of style, color, and size from our store]
A copy of the classic Fudge Pack
POSTAL: The Movie [winner’s choice of DVD or Blu-ray.]

Runner up Prizes:
A copy of the classic Fudge Pack
POSTAL: The Movie [winner’s choice of DVD or Blu-ray.]

Before we get to the winners list, we want to tell you how we picked our list of prize winners. We wanted to treat the contest as fairly as possible so our entire team reviewed all of your submissions. After viewing, examining or listening to each individual entry, the team provided feedback on which ones they liked best. Our grand prize winner was at the top of the most lists so picking that one was not too difficult. The biggest difficulty was yet to come though. All of your entries were good and we all had our favorites. It was a very close race and we took a considerable amount of time to decide on 2nd place and runner-up prizes.

Congratulations Duck-and-Cover for coming in first and winning the GRAND PRIZE!

The first image we could all agree was just plain awesome and some of the sweetest fan art we have ever seen. Nightmares are made of this kind of stuff. They say there is a bit of good and evil in everyone but Duck-and-Cover clearly exposed what has taken over and now controls every aspect of the Dude’s life. In DnC's two-face artwork, Good has been forever vanquished and Evil rules. It is wickedness so powerful it no longer even tries to hide its ugly face and is openly driving Dude to commit wanton murder and unjustifiable destruction.

Duck-and-Cover also submitted other art works. Although his winning entry was the Devil/Dude picture, we thought you might like to see the other submissions. This is an interpretation of Paradise burning. You can almost hear the crashing buildings and feel the heat as the Dude marches on leaving total destruction in his wake.
The third entry is more of a black and white cartoon drawing. With viciously sharp teeth reminiscent of the killer shark in JAWS, both Champ and the Dude display maniacal grins. You know Paradise doesn’t stand a chance as they both leer crazily down at the small, perhaps undeserving of such a terrible fate, but nevertheless doomed town.

Next up is our Second Place Winner. The POSTAL DUDE Stories submitted by Kesha_Film.

This is a slightly twisted and perhaps a bit bizarre yet funny little group of stories. Kesha really must have let their imagination run wild on this one.  It looks like a lot of time and a ton of hard work went in to making this highly entertaining video. For those of you who have not been fortunate enough to see it yet, you can view it at the link below. Enjoy your prize Kesha, we think such effort deserves a reward.

Now we promised to add more prizes if we got more entries and although we don’t know why you waited so long, we did get a nice little surge at the end.  It was a tough call since everyone put a lot of effort into their entries but we were able to select several of the more outstanding as our Runners-Up. All these lucky winners will receive a copy of the fudge pack and a copy of POSTAL: The Movie.

One entry had to win just for being an unexpected entry style. We did say it was a Video and Art and any other kind of Fan work you can think of contest. When we first announced those requirements, we hadn't even taken into consideration that one of them might be a poem. Congratulations to HossTheTireDude for A POSTAL Tale of Whimsy read in an uncannily similar to the POSTAL Dude voice. It gave us the shivers to hear what sounded like our Dude poetically telling his tale of woe!

Next up is a rather interesting combination of the old postcard art from our Facebook with gameplay footage mixed in for good measure. It’s ActiVisoR® aka POSTAL made me do it’s rendition of a POSTAL Anthem.

kouno-B made their first post just to enter the contest with this very cool bit of artwork featuring the Dude checking his list! Good thing you checked out the contest kouno-B, because it snagged you a prize!

We mentioned cosplay was an allowable form of entry, and while we are sadly disappointed that no “wanna-be POSTAL Babes “entered the contest, we are happy to see someone decided to dress the part of the man himself. It’s GoodTouchTyler as the POSTAL Dude.

A big thank you to all those who submitted their work into our contest. Whether you made it to the prize level or not you are all still winners. We hope you had as much fun making your submissions as we had looking at them and arguing over which entries to pick! Our congratulations go out to everyone who got into the fun and took the time to give our contest a try.

All winners should check their Private Messages for what they need to do to claim their prize!

Front Page News / Steam Workshop has Launched
« on: May 02, 2014, 05:54:06 AM »
Steam Workshop has Launched

With the Easter update now settling in to the dust, it is time to unleash our latest endeavor… another massive update! Perhaps the largest and most exciting we have ever done and with it comes a much requested feature…

Steam Workshop!

That’s right! Steam Workshop support has been fully implemented! Use the POSTed Development Kit to design and upload your Workshop items and then play them with the new Workshop browser in POSTAL 2 Complete. Accessing the POSTed Development Kit Tool is very easy. All you need to do to access the POSTed Development Kit is simply just go to your Steam Library, Click Tools and find it in the list. As a bonus it has its own self-contained installation of POSTAL 2 so you don’t even need to worry about breaking your own base game installation. RWS has even provided you with a testing map so you can easily test all your creations. Who knows, maybe you will make something so famous or so infinitely great we might have to bring you in to our team to take advantage of such superior workmanship. If that isn’t enough motivation to get you cracking on quality Workshop items we just don’t know what is. Perhaps for years you have thought that POSTAL 2 could use a little touch of something even more rare and unusual, maybe it's something that you think is so great or so awesome that you just don’t understand why we never added it ourselves. The explanation could be because we have just never thought of it or it could be that your idea is so strange and bizarre that even trying to comprehend it gives us nightmares. Maybe you thought it wasn’t worth your effort to make your POSTAL 2 mod or item. You may have thought after you were finished you painstaking work it would just get relegated to a random mod hosting site and chances were it would just get lost and forgotten in a cumbersome index. Well thanks to Workshop, your ideas will now get centralized which leads to more exposure and easier access. You will get a one-stop shop for feedback from other Steam users in the form of ratings, favorites and comments in general. You won’t need to bounce between sites just to see how your mod is being reviewed. You also only need to worry about updating at one place if you decide to update your mod with fixes or new features. Steam Workshop really streamlines the process nicely so what are you waiting for, get started today!

If you are not creative enough to make your own Workshop items don’t worry about it. In time there will be plenty of user generated content for you to download and enjoy. It’s very simple to use too. In the Steam client when you click on POSTAL 2 you will see a link to the Workshop. Click Browse Workshop and you will be taken to Workshop’s front page. Look through all the available items and if one catches your eye seek medical attention because that sounds painful and wasn’t supposed to happen. Once you are healed, click on the ones you find interesting and read more about them. If you still think it sounds great, push the subscribe button and they will download into POSTAL 2 for you to use them.

Steam workshop isn’t just limited to adding a hat here, a new weapon there. You can actually download user made expansion packs and brand new features. Of course none of these features or expansions are officially supported so if you are experiencing bugs while playing it, drop the mod creator a note letting them know what is wrong. The mod creator will likely welcome your feedback and do their magic to make it work the best they can.

I guess it's pretty obvious and you can tell by this post so far that RWS is really excited about the Workshop feature. We are really looking forward to everything wildly imaginable that our fans will create. Even more exciting news is that Workshop is not all that has been added in this new massive update! There are some secret weapons and other fantastic and fun things too. For more information check out the patch log below!

1413-1415 Change Log
POSTAL 2 Complete: General
* Steam Workshop support has been fully implemented! Use the POSTed Development Kit to design and upload your Workshop items, and then play them with the new Workshop browser in POSTAL 2 Complete. For more information on how to design, upload, and play custom content, see our Steam guides.
* New secret weapons await those who seek them out.
* End-of-game statistics now display the game mode, difficulty, and any Workshop mods you used.
* Bystanders waiting in queue lines with no operator will eventually get bored and leave.
* Resolved an issue where a pawn's mouth would continue to move indefinitely.
* Resolved an issue where some pawns would not notice the Dude's presence.
* Resolved an issue where checkpoint saves would fail to trigger in POSTAL and Impossible difficulty.
* Resolved an issue causing exploded cars and barrels to lose intractability.
* Resolved an issue where police and certain other pawns would "speedwalk" to their destination instead of running.
* ATMs now remember if they are broken into, and cannot be broken into repeatedly during the same day.
* Police will now arrest you if they see you breaking into an ATM.
* Resolved an issue where Rednecks would not notice the Dude dressed as the Gimp in the Brewery on POSTAL and Impossible difficulty.
* Resolved an issue where pawns in Apocalypse Weekend would receive the wrong randomized accessories.
* Reduced recoil on MP5 and Glock.
* Matches will no longer block doors from opening or closing.
* Resolved an issue where bystanders could get stuck in a T-pose in an open door.
* Fixed the position of the clipboard in the Dude's hand when looking in a mirror.
* Fixed the "double-shot" glitch that caused a weapon to fire twice in rapid succession when switching to it.
* Resolved an issue where unprintable characters entered into the console would literally be unprintable, leading to confusion when entering console commands.
* Balanced the damage of all Anthrax-based weapons
* Fixed a glitch where the player could obtain additional stored health items after winning at least one in the Chompy game cartridge for Bass Sniffer Radar.
* Resolved an issue where zombies would continue to "walk" despite losing one or both legs.
* Fixed crouch-walking animations for various weapons.
* Fixed aspect ratio for pre-rendered (RoQ) videos.
* The Enhanced Game "hands" weapon can be charged to throw objects a longer distance.
* When viewing rockets with the Rocket Camera item, you can now detonate them by pressing your Use Item button.
* Added new cheat: "CatNado" - adds AW test cats to your inventory.
* Made it easier for explodable cars and barrels to be triggered with fire and gasoline.
* Toned down the intensity of the AW head wound effects.
* Improved the chance for the Enhanced Game knuckle dusters' special effect to activate.
* The suicide grenade has a new effect in the Enhanced Game.
* Thrown or kicked heads will break windows now.
* The "Whatchutalkinbout" and "KrotchatizeMe" cheats will no longer cause the spawned Garys or Krotchys to carry errand specific items.
* Added a new Enhanced Game effect for the Baseball Bat's alt-fire.
* Clarified the conditions for unlocking the secret option in the Options menu.
* Glock and MP5 weapon firing mode now displayed next to ammo count, instead of off in a corner somewhere.
* The cheats GameSpeed, MightyFoot, SuperMario, SonicBoom, and MoonMan now persist between map changes.
* Restored the old AWP cheats, CopKilla and Charismatic.
* NPCs will now properly utilize the MP5 in burst fire mode.
* Scissors will once again damage pawns at close range.
* Disabled bystander fists once again... they were causing too many problems to release as part of the main game. Look for a Workshop item to enable them if you're willing to deal with the issues they cause

POSTAL 2 Complete: Gameplay
* Church
  * Reinstated a Redneck line that did not play correctly.
* Meat World
  * Fixed an issue with the cinematics.
  * Fixed an unreachable machete.
  * Added a missing static mesh.
* West Mall
  * Fixed pawns getting stuck in arcade machines.
* Greenbelt 2
  * Fixed the bums in the millhouse being armed with baton ammo instead of an actual baton.
* Highlands 
  * Fixed a bystander spawning directly into a car that appears only on Friday.
* Suburbs 1
  * Fixed pawns spawning under the map.
  * Improved variety of Dude commentary.
* Tora Bora
  * The soldiers you rescue in this map are actual semi-useful allies now!
  * Tweaked the boss fight at the end of the map.
* Elephant Preserve
  * The Dude is now healed to full at the end of this mission.
* Military Base Part 4
  * Removed the exit that returns to Part 3, preventing the player from being forced to redo the previous map.
* Bridge
  * The AW final boss is now immune to Anthrax damage.

POSTed: POSTAL 2 Development Kit
* POSTed is now its own Tool, under Library --> Tools. It includes a self-contained installation of POSTAL 2 Complete, perfect for creating and testing new content without the risk of breaking your base installation. The UCC command-line tool is also part of this package.
* POSTed also includes a specialized testing map, TestMap.fuk, which can be used for easily testing any custom content you create.
* Several actors received all-new icons to better illustrate their purposes.
* Included a new set of developer placeholder textures, allowing you to easily plan out the BSP of your map. Includes a reference panel for the Dude's default movement abilities.
* The viewport right-click popup menu contains several new options:
  "Toggle Paths" - toggles AI path display in all viewports.
  "Actor Properties (New Window)" - Opens up an independent Actor Properties window. You can open any number of these windows, allowing you to visually compare properties between two or more actors.
  "Edit --> Copy as Script" - Copies all highlighted actors to the clipboard as UnrealScript, allowing you to easily modify stock maps via P2GameMods. See the Steam Guide on "Modifying Stock Maps Using Copy As Script" for more details.
  "Static Mesh" - You can smooth or unsmooth static meshes from the right-click menu.
  "Select --> Actors of this Class" - Instead of selecting all actors of a specific class, you can now choose to select actors of a subclass, or a root non-Actor class. For example, if you have a MeatProtestor selected, you can select all actors of class MeatProtestor, Protestor, or all Pawns in the map.
* Several new top-row toolbar icons allow you to place the most commonly-used Actors without needing to go through the messy Actor Class Browser tree. Note that these buttons do not dynamically adjust to custom content; if you create any new actors you will have to place them the "old" way, by finding them in the Actor class Browser.
* Viewports now have several clickable buttons for toggling terrain, static mesh, etc. display.
* Holding the middle mouse button now lets you rotate the selected actor(s) in the 3D viewport. Holding CTRL and the middle mouse button allow you to pitch and roll the selected actor(s).
* Scripted Actions are now split into categories with plain English names when adding a new scripted action.
* The Checkpoint actor now defaults to using the Checkpoint save slot.
* Several new hotkeys have been added, and some have been moved. For further details, see the "POSTed Hotkeys Quick Reference" Steam Guide.
* DrawScale and DrawScale3D can be easily adjusted for the highlighted actor(s) with text boxes at the bottom of the editor.
* Added several useful actors and Scripted Actions for level designers.
* Actor placement no longer fails due to collision. This fixes the exceedingly-common issue where right click --> Add Actor would appear to fail for no good reason.
* The Radius Actors view now displays sound radius for ambient sounds.
* Resolved an issue causing the Terrain, Surface, and other dialog boxes to appear broken on Windows 7 and newer operating systems.
* Textures can now be defined as bTwoSided. You no longer need to create a FinalBlend or Shader specifically for this purpose.
* Terrain DecoLayers now have the RandomYaw feature enabled.
* Right-clicking in the Static Mesh, Texture, etc. browsers now gives the option to copy the object's name to the clipboard. If a menu does not appear (Sound/Animation Browser) then the name is copied to the clipboard automatically.
* Several actor defaults have been set to proper values, to make your life easier as a level designer.
* Added pre-defined fire and smoke emitters (FireEmitterMap, SmokeEmitterMap).
* Added the Load All option to the Sound Browser.
* Implemented right-click menu in Matinee Action editor.
* Viewports are properly refreshed while working in Matinee editor.
* Added "Add Interp Point + Action" button in Matinee Tools.
* New feature for DayBlockers, where instead of being added on a specified day, it is removed.
* Resolved an issue where an Emitter set as AutoDestroy would, in fact, destroy itself if real-time preview mode was turned on.
* Added "FollowPlayerController" as a possible Controller class. Pawns with this controller will attempt to follow and protect the Dude. The pawn should also be set to bPlayerIsFriend and have a reasonably high friend damage threshold.

To celebrate the launch of Steam Workshop, POSTAL 2 is now 70% off on Steam! Sale ends May 17th.

It’s the Final Countdown… for the Ultimate Fan Prize Pack - Art/Video Contest!

It's Over! Thanks to all those that entered!

Ok Dudes and Dudettes lets get those last minute entries in to our great Ultimate Fan Prize contest. There’s less than one week left to go before we select that winning masterpiece so we are definitely in crunch time now. I don’t know where you are located but I woke up this morning to a fresh snowfall so deep I couldn’t open my front door. It’s a little different here than at the Dudes home town. It’s the perfect weather for staying in and getting that last minute contest entry made. What’s it like where you are? A little rain, snow, fog or nuclear fallout keeping you indoors? Get busy on your contest entry then. Don’t forget if you are feeling industrious you can make two entries or even three or four, dare I say five entries! Feel free to dazzle us with your brilliance. You never know, all of them (or none of them if they are pure crap) might win. It’s well worth a try and a laugh to get them in though. Keep in mind anything that is fun and shows you are a fan of POSTAL is eligible. You can do or use any kind of medium you like. Remember you do not have to be professional. You want to draw stick figures with charcoal on rocks like the cave people did…go for it! Show us your costumes, your collections, your videos or your artwork or all of the above. Anything you can dream up POSTAL wise you can enter. Want to pretend to be a POSTAL Babe? Why not! Just have fun. We have a lot of very good prizes to give away and don’t forget one of them might even be autographed so get busy and get those entries in.

Now those Rules one last time!
  • The video can use gameplay footage or any other footage within the POSTAL Zeitgeist. Basically this means if you don’t want to use gameplay footage, you can make your own footage however you want. Want to make the ultimate Lego POSTAL video? Go for it! Want to do something with stop motion Claymation? Awesome! Want to make an animated feature? If you have the time, go for it! Want to get together with your friends and make your own POSTAL movie? Do it, but you probably shouldn’t mention the prize or they will want their share! Have a completely unique idea for making a video? Do it! No video style is excluded…except Porn and don’t go out and do illegal things such as shoot up your city, not even that really annoying guy everyone hates because that guy might be one of us!
  • The video must be at least a minute in length (and no that doesn’t mean hold the title screen or “The End” screen up for 59 seconds!) There is no maximum length so there are no restrictions on your creativity!
  • While we appreciate all the fan works you have done in the past and welcome you to post them, only new submissions will be entered in to the contest.
  • Don’t steal other people’s work and claim it as your own. That’s just not cool!
  • Post your entries in to the comments section of the original thread. Aiming for a specific category? Put that in your comment too. Videos should be hosted on Youtube, pictures should be hosted somewhere that won’t just delete them after a few days. If you want to submit something but don’t want to post it in the comments, Personal Message it to RWS by clicking the little chat bubble icon on the left side of this post. Since we don't want to stifle your creativity, you can enter more than once.
  • Do you think someone else’s submission is really awesome? Say so in the comments too!
  • The Rules may be adjusted based on fan response to the contest.
  • Contest ends April 30th, 2014.
  • The contest is void where prohibited, sorry about that!
To reiterate all you need to do to enter is simply post a link to your submission in the comments of contest announcement thread.

Front Page News / If you go down to the Woods Today……
« on: April 20, 2014, 02:11:58 PM »
If you go down to the Woods Today……

You’re in for a big surprise... Once again it’s time for that fluffy soft Easter Bunny. You know the one. He slips around in your house or yard leaving luscious chocolate eggs and other sweet and colorful treats hidden under bushes or in dark corners for the most adventurous to find. Such a kind and happy fellow bringing joy to everyone young and old…or is he... underneath that smirking countenance could there be the mind of a crazed killer, his blood lust carefully hidden by his sugary bucktoothed grin. Somebody has been taking and smashing the bunny’s precious colored eggs and he is determined to stop them no matter what! Scheming and plotting his bloodthirsty revenge, the bunny lurks half hidden by the darkness of the night. Where will he strike next? What exactly is in those colorful little pellets the bunny is hiding that could cause him to fly into such a terrible rage and spur him into making such murderous assaults? Do you dare to find out? Visit his hiding place in the forest today if you are not too afraid to stumble on what might be total carnage or savage butchery. This isn’t your average Easter Bunny. This guy means business. Touch his eggs and he will turn your pretty pastel Easter Basket into a reddened gory bloodbath.

With your safety in mind and to make sure you have a Happy Easter, RWS feels it is in your best interest to present you with this Public Service Announcement.


If you plan on heading into the forest today, you might want to be heavily armed.

Disappearances have been reported near the Paradise Area.

Victims were last seen following a trail of “Eggs” into wooded areas. If these eggs are spotted, do NOT follow them! Report them to your local P.M.C.R.D. officer immediately!

If you have any information regarding these disappearances, please dial Salem at 1-666-4203.

Together we CAN stop this!

Paradise Mythological Creature Removal Department

Reminder: Win an Ultimate Fan Prize Pack - Art/Video Contest!

Well everybody, the half-way point on our contest has already come and we are rapidly closing in on the home stretch. You still have time to enter your work and join the ranks of quality (and not so quality but it’s the thought that counts) submissions that we have already received for this contest. Right now we are not that overwhelmed with entries. People may not have realized this is an actual contest with actual worthwhile prizes. That means there is a very good chance to still win the big prize in the contest even if you just start working on your entry today! Remember it does not have to be a work of art or professionally done. Your entry simply needs to be anything fun that shows you’re a POSTAL fan. If you really want to show your support but don’t have the time to make a submission yourself, spread the word about the contest! The more people who know about the contest, the more fun and creative entries we will receive which benefits everyone since some of them are downright funny. Another benefit is that the more entries we get, the more prizes we may give away so the odds of winning may increase with every entry.

Now for a reminder of the Rules!
  • The video can use gameplay footage or any other footage within the POSTAL Zeitgeist. Basically this means if you don’t want to use gameplay footage, you can make your own footage however you want. Want to make the ultimate Lego POSTAL video? Go for it! Want to do something with stop motion Claymation? Awesome! Want to make an animated feature? If you have the time, go for it! Want to get together with your friends and make your own POSTAL movie? Do it, but you probably shouldn’t mention the prize or they will want their share! Have a completely unique idea for making a video? Do it! No video style is excluded…except Porn and don’t go out and do illegal things such as shoot up your city, not even that really annoying guy everyone hates because that guy might be one of us!
  • The video must be at least a minute in length (and no that doesn’t mean hold the title screen or “The End” screen up for 59 seconds!) There is no maximum length so there are no restrictions on your creativity!
  • While we appreciate all the fan works you have done in the past and welcome you to post them, only new submissions will be entered in to the contest.
  • Don’t steal other people’s work and claim it as your own. That’s just not cool!
  • Post your entries in to the comments section of the original thread. Aiming for a specific category? Put that in your comment too. Videos should be hosted on Youtube, pictures should be hosted somewhere that won’t just delete them after a few days. If you want to submit something but don’t want to post it in the comments, Personal Message it to RWS by clicking the little chat bubble icon on the left side of this post. Since we don't want to stifle your creativity, you can enter more than once.
  • Do you think someone else’s submission is really awesome? Say so in the comments too!
  • The Rules may be adjusted based on fan response to the contest.
  • Contest ends April 30th, 2014.
  • The contest is void where prohibited, sorry about that!
To reiterate all you need to do to enter is simply post a link to your submission in the comments of contest announcement thread.

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