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General / Re: Intoduce yourself here
« on: April 11, 2012, 01:07:21 PM »
Hey thar. =3
I'm Erik, a very controversial Dutch guy. :P

The first game from Running With Scissors I played was Postal2. I was introduced to it thanks to my cousins, who owned a copy of the game. And because I liked it so much he "lend" me a backup of the game.
After a while I was a total fan of it, and wanted to buy 10Th Anniversary Addition, but I had no credit card or PayPsl to import it. But after a few years I got the means to order things from the USA and saw Postal III on Steam, and reminded me of the fun I had with the game and bought both Postal III and the Postal2 10Th Anniversary Addition (Slightly damaged box), and once again am wreaking havoc in Paradise City! X3

I am an art lover, and love the controversy in the RWS Postal games. ^w^ I see it as both an art form, and as a "no holds barred" form of entertainment.
And because of my controversy, I will and can be very cynical or sarcastic in nature. So do not take everything I put on this forum serious. =3 -=So be warned!=-

Well, he sounds like Dude with a wicked cold... "^w^

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