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Eventually after all this time since release date i eventually got to play the "terrible" Postal³

my honest opinion on the game is that i was actually very happy with the way it turned out.

the humor was there
the violence was there
the complete idiocy was there
the sound track was amazing

only problem i seem to be having that i can't really understand is that my computer actually struggles to run it at some points even tho it could easy run it. i seen a post on here talking about other people having frame rate drops and the lark but now that i have eventually got to play and finish postal 3 only 1 day after i got it, i will be playing it ALOT.

one thing i was very very unsure about when i read it was the new voice actor which i must say im really happy with, yeah he aint rick but he done a damn good job otherwise!

the box art is brilliant and the art on the disks.

i kept saying to myself that i couldn't understand why people hated so much on postal 3 but to each their own i guess. i was quite sad about the lack of free roam this time around, yeah i loved the missions but there really is nothing better than a good Ye Olde P² rampage.

8/10 from me mainly due to the frame rate troubles causing a few crashes and the lack of free roam available this time around. i seriously cannot wait for Postal 4, hopefully this time its just RWS that develop it all and not get some fucking retarded Russians involved to fuck them about.

its like the "Cold War" of the Postal Universe.

also RWS be glad knowing that someone in scotland now owns physical copies of your games. :)

now to start play through number 2?  :-*

General / Re: Intoduce yourself here
« on: May 04, 2012, 07:17:19 PM »
Hello Fellow Dudes! Dudettes?

im new here. been a fan of postal for years! bought postal² years back, lent it to a friend and never got it back, in a way thats a good thing because i now have the fudge pack and Postal³ on it's way to me!

it's a shame the forums seem so dead :(

i have an email confirming i have paid for it but nothing further from that.  ???

is there anyway to track my order or find out its current process?

i paid through paypal if that helps any.

POSTAL III - General / Postal III Question!
« on: April 24, 2012, 08:45:44 PM »
hey everyone!

i have been hearing terrible terrible things about postal III which is horrible news to hear indeed. i recently ordered the boxed version due to it being 60% off. :D

how did Akella end up getting involved in making Postal III rather than it just being RWS fully working on it and as i just found out about 1 minute ago that the postal dude is now voiced by some guy "Cory Cruise" and not Rick Hunter this time round, how did it end up that Rick was not involved in the project this time around?

also to state i am actually really excited to recieve my copy of P3 as i prefer to review the games i play myself as most games people say are terrible are the ones i love the most.

hope to hear back from you guys at RWS.

what happened to the original website too and is vince still a big part in the company?  :D

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