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POSTAL III - General / Continuing RWS
« on: June 23, 2012, 02:03:48 AM »
Reading up on what's been going on since I last looked at the forums, it seems that Postal III is slowing fading away and seems to be soon forgotten. Something that I never wanted to happen, but some companies are obviously idiotic in their decisions (Akella), and in the end there only comes one main question I have: What will RWS do next?

I understand that the little funding RWS has isn't going to show us any definite plan, but is RWS going to build a true Postal III (Postal IV)? In general I was  just wondering what RWS is currently thinking about producing or what's on the chalkboard for now. I really hope that Postal III hasn't crippled RWS and you guys continue to build what has been one of my all time favorite games, Postal II. Even just rebuilding Postal II to be better graphics and no load zones would be amazing.

I am disappointed with what happened to Postal III and I think all of those who have been playing the Postal franchise for a while now are all a little down about it, but thank god Akella will hopefully burn to the ground if they keep up with how things are going now, and hopefully RWS can make a game that we will all fall in love with again. Please let me know anything that's going on in the RWS world though, it would be nice to see some plans for the future or at least have a vague, dissipating, cloud of an idea that RWS has for its future.

POSTAL III - General / What to do
« on: April 17, 2012, 05:08:38 PM »
It's so hard to just sit here with this game and appreciate it. I never read anything regarding what's going on with RWS and what they're trying to do, and the more I try to play it the more I think it's horrible. So far we have one patch, nothing that actually fixes any of the major glitches, and a rumor that RWS is trying to get the SDK.... :'(

I love Postal 2, ever since it came out it's been one of my favorite games, and I was so excited for Postal 3. Now, I'm just hoping that they make it possible for me to play through it again without getting pissed at it. I still Love RWS for everything they've tried to do, it just seems like they either scew everything up or run out of money and support. I think next time they come out with a "game" I'll torrent it first and see if it's any good, instead of wasting the money in excitement.

Oh, and F!#@ you Akella.

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