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Front Page News / Re: #GamerGate
« on: October 30, 2014, 09:36:39 PM »
And to think, Mama June is having more sex than most of the members on this board.

Front Page News / Re: #GamerGate
« on: October 30, 2014, 09:39:38 AM »
I'm sure she could name 3 examples, hell they even showed one video game "Dragon Age Origins" where they said "grab a whore and have a good time" 

And by the entertainment example, they are trying to say that "video game journalism" is not to be taken too seriously, just like entertainment journalism. And it seems that these lonely guys are really taking out their hatred of women using "ethics in journalism" as their excuse for poor behavior. 

Why are only women being threatened?

Front Page News / Re: #GamerGate
« on: October 30, 2014, 09:00:58 AM »
I just watched the Colbert Report interview (thanks Shnards!) that was great and pretty much spot on!  I love how he compared TMZ and Entertainment Tonight to ethics in video game journalism because I was actually thinking about that exact same example last night. 

General / Re: World Series
« on: October 30, 2014, 08:41:01 AM »
It's okay, we all make mistakes...

I have to add, it was a classy move for them to turn the fountains orange at Kauffmann Stadium after the Giants win.  I really respect that.

General / Re: World Series
« on: October 29, 2014, 09:29:17 PM »
The Giants did it again!!

Front Page News / Re: #GamerGate
« on: October 29, 2014, 06:44:49 PM »
anita sarkeesian is going to be on the colbert report tonight (she is a cool and smart lady who makes accurate criticisms of sexism in video games)

Is it the same episode with Jill Lepore?  Cruel Intentions is on MTV right now, that is the good, hot side of sexism  ;)

Front Page News / Re: #GamerGate
« on: October 28, 2014, 10:28:36 PM »
And all of this posting happened while I was at work, making $$$.  Just saying...

Front Page News / Re: #GamerGate
« on: October 25, 2014, 07:23:29 AM » lol

What is Gamergate?
A bunch of jealous tweens/virgins that are upset that some female game designer got laid.
What do members of Gamergate want?
To design a game that sells millions of copies so they can finally get a woman to pay attention to them.
What’s “wrong” with Gamergate?
Is Gamergate a vast, complex, and diverse community?
Yes! It is not composed, as the mainstream media would lead you to believe, solely of white male trolls. It also has female trolls. It has African-American trolls and Asian trolls, gay trolls and straight trolls. In fact, Gamergate is all about the inclusion of anyone—regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation...however they have one thing in common, their virginity intact.

Ok so basically, if this chick was good enough in bed to get a good review, good for her! Men do it all the time!  I know most of you don't know about the real world.  And why is everyone trying to "slut shame" (I hate that term) this woman? There were TWO people involved.

If anybody thinks it's okay to cyber bully another person, I don't care how "high profile" that person is, they are a fucking moron.

So in other words, your stance is that it's a good thing that someone used sex to gain good publicity because people always do it? That corruption is widespread, therefore it should be accepted? I'm sorry, but the notion that because all forms of media are corrupt, therefore gaming journalism should also be corrupt is not a respectable position in my mind. I like to call this the "Starving African Child" problem. Wikipedia calls it the fallacy of relative privation. A bad thing happening isn't suddenly justified or made irrelevant because lots of bad things also happen.


gamergaters are so willing to discuss this shit In Good Faith that if u disagree with them they will block u from all social media *gives flan side-eye*

also lol @ how badly people missed the point of those articles about 'gamers' being dead. the entire point of those articles was how pretty much everyone plays games now so the label of 'gamer' is meaningless and exclusionary, intended to separate traditional 'gamer' babymen who have been coddled and marketed to by the games industry forever from the 'fake-gamers' who play casual shit or weird indie games or games w/ social agendas. me personally, i'm an ex-gamer.

like, 'gamers' have never been persecuted, but the whiny turds who keep pushing this gamergate nonsense are definitely reinforcing existing negative perceptions of 'gamers'. people i know irl who have never cared about games before are paying attention to this. one girl i know is discussing it in her college sociology class, and that discussion does not make gamergate look legitimate in any way. like flan here, most gamergaters are spending all their time arguing that they're totally not misogynists (two huge paragraphs) and barely spending any time arguing about what they actually want (two sentences): 'fire all teh journalists who are bein soooo mean to me u guyz this isnt a joke'. i don't think every gamergater is a misogynist (though probably due for some self-reflection), but the 'good ones' are certainly providing cover for the kinds of unhinged individuals who are repeatedly sending disgusting threats to women and forcing them out of their homes. smdh

A reader is one who reads. A jogger is one who jogs. A gamer is one who games. If you play games, you're a gamer whether you like it or not, no matter how many articles come out and try to redefine the term "gamer." This is why people take issue with these "gamers are dead" articles; A couple dozen or so journalists woke up one day and decided to reinvent the term gamer because...?

Meanwhile, I find it saddening that you are so quick to lambast the "movement" (as if it has some form of cohesion, leadership, or structure,) because some whackjobs sent some famous women death threats while ignoring just how terrible people who oppose gamergate can be.

Recently a Lawyer who wrote for the Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties and cited in judicial court opinions was doxxed by Zoe Quinn, sent death threats, and swatted because he took the GamerGate stance.

That Milo dude was sent a needle in the mail.

Tons of people have been doxxed and sent death threats on both sides. Only difference is that no journalists are writing stories about the people who support GamerGate being sent death threats.

Now, this isn't meant to be a pissing match over who gets the most death threats. It's meant to be a reminder. Death threats are abhorrent, are unacceptable. But it's not a problem exclusive to gaming, it's not a problem exclusive to feminism.

Supporting gamergate doesn't mean I accept, associate with, or even tolerate those who make death threats. Supporting gamergate doesn't mean I tolerate death threats because some gamergaters made death threats, and neither does your being anti-gamergate mean that you support people who make death threats because some anti-gamergaters made some death threats. For me to say that you're providing cover for those who make such sick messages is just as absurd as you accusing me of the same. Some Americans murder, not all Americans are murderers. Some anti-gamergaters make death threats, not all anti-gamergaters make death threats.

This sort of generalizing is not useful in debate. We need to stop this bipartisan nonsense and discuss like grown-ups do. Warm hearts and cool heads, that sort of thing. I'm glad that you finally explained why you feel the way you do, this was the first time I saw you put forth an argument.

You are right, I am misinformed...or actually uninformed.  I haven't paid much attention to "#gg"  I have much better things do with my time.  I'm not sure I would hold a gaming website to the same journalistic integrity that I would expect from someone like CNN or NBC...or even Page Six.

That's exactly right. You wouldn't hold gaming journalism to these standards. Many people wouldn't. The fact that gaming journalism has poor standards is the central theme here. Just because it has no standards doesn't mean it has to have no standards. That's what I want.

And with all due respect, why would you comment on something that, by your own admission, you have not researched? I respect that not everybody wants or needs to care, but if your time was so valuable why would you go out of your way to discuss matters that you don't want to know about in the first place?

My bad, I didn't use the sarcasm font.

General / Re: Kesha_Film confirmed twelvie faggot
« on: October 23, 2014, 09:57:43 PM »

Front Page News / Re: #GamerGate
« on: October 23, 2014, 09:55:18 PM »
I edited it, it works now thanks!

Front Page News / Re: #GamerGate
« on: October 23, 2014, 09:49:04 PM »

Shit, well at least I got the link in there,  this is a great video!
edit: I found the same video on youtube  :)

Front Page News / Re: #GamerGate
« on: October 23, 2014, 09:46:21 PM »
It's not youtube, it's vimeo  :(

Front Page News / Re: #GamerGate
« on: October 23, 2014, 06:50:40 PM »
Are we unable to post videos in replies?

Front Page News / Re: #GamerGate
« on: October 23, 2014, 06:41:11 PM »
You are right, I am misinformed...or actually uninformed.  I haven't paid much attention to "#gg"  I have much better things do with my time.  I'm not sure I would hold a gaming website to the same journalistic integrity that I would expect from someone like CNN or NBC...or even Page Six.

Front Page News / Re: #GamerGate
« on: October 22, 2014, 09:06:08 PM »
listen i agree completely heather and gamergate is one of if not the most stupid and embarrassing thing ive ever encountered on the internet

I know you're doing this tongue in cheek, I was just summing up my view of it for the idiots who are taking it seriously.  It's very sad that some people are actually believing that this is some sort of "movement"

And on Stephen, 14 years isn't long enough! I sincerely hope that he has serve his entire sentence.  I suspect with a lot of the "weirdness" that surrounded him that he may have some sort of mental problems as well, I pray he gets the counseling and/or medication he needs while locked up, as statistics show that he will likely do this behavior again.

But isn't it strange that there was hardly any backlash against Stephen to the best of my knowledge, regardless of the fact that he wrote for several gaming websites and appeared to be pretty active in the gaming world.  But a woman "allegedly" had consensual sex with another adult and the whole gaming world is up in arms? It is either misogyny at its finest or no one gives two shits about Stephen...or both.

End of rant   ;)

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