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POSTAL III- Mods / -Fix for Beta Mod Pack 0.8(Beta Mod Pack 0.8.1)
« on: May 05, 2012, 05:22:22 AM »
- (Beta Mod Pack 0.8.1) Fix for Beta Mod Pack 0.8
а) Updating "loading inscription from a beta 2010 year-0.3" by Pavel - =1997 =-Uskov
б) Updating "without a smilie" by Pavel - =1997 =-Uskov
в) Loading screens from a beta 2010г. (by Adams)
Doesn't change loading screens at special levels,
but completely replaces the main screens, loading inscription, and lack of a smilie - as in a beta
lack of a smilie, as well as the line loading, are available even to at whom loading screens from Adams'а aren't established.
Black loading screens go now constantly (except "special" levels) in it and the fix essence consists.
Ways for installation of spendthrifts
а) To copy in postal3/localization/p3_russian(Your language)/materials/console
б) To copy in postal3/game/p3/materials/vgui/loading/animation
в) To copy in postal3/localization/p3_russian(your language)/materials/vgui/loading

POSTAL III- Mods / Postal 3 - Loading from the Beta 2010 year(0.3)
« on: May 04, 2012, 10:57:39 PM »
Pavel Uskov specially for a Beta Mod Pack package prepared
To throw in postal3/localization/p3_russian/materials/console
Is ideally suited for ALL loading screens from a beta or from the full version of game.
The 3rd version of very small updating.

For full feeling of a beta on preloading screens
we use it. To throw in postal3/game/p3/materials/vgui/loading/animation. Without a smilie, as in a beta

Forgive for machine translation. Yours faithfully, Pavel Uskov.

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