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General / Inflamed throat's a bitch!
« on: January 19, 2013, 08:35:24 PM »
Yeah. I got that badly inflamed throat last Thursday, and yesterday I had a nasty ear pressure imbalance. And bloody itchy throat.

In the end, had to skip work and had to rest. There's not much cure on this one.  :o

General / Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!
« on: December 23, 2012, 05:04:36 AM »
As usual, the world didn't bloody fucking explode, nor we're the antagonists from Left 4 Dead.

On that day, we take out our beers and drink ourselves to joy. Watch fireworks. Go shopping.

Let's hope the new year we will have a better Postal game.

Merry Christmas and Merry New Year 2013.


General / Wisdom tooth extraction
« on: December 12, 2012, 07:50:16 AM »
Yeah, everytime I hear dentists, gonna almost piss myself. I'm afraid of 'em, and I just had another broken molar extracted just now morning. It's not much pain, luckily.

Few months ago I had that molar at lower jaw yanked out. That bastard was impacted and only an x-ray can see those things.

My next dental appointment will be six months' time with another checkup.

Have you dealt with such extractions?

General / Music instruments you have played
« on: October 26, 2012, 09:46:43 AM »
Hmm. Music instruments. Instruments that make sounds by a person and then music is heard.

I played classical guitar for 11 years. Got a cert, ABRSM Grade 5 many years back. I stopped the classes due to expensive fees and now practising by myself. Mainly focused on Baroque music and some guitar etudes by Fernando Sor.

I also learned electric guitar from the same instructor for a few months. Guess what? Blues improvisation is pretty hard! I'm still learning it piece by piece, so I wished I could squeeze out a damn solo.

The next thing I would try is Cello, but heck, I gotta save cash for that first.  :)

So, tell us your expereinces in music stuff. We love to hear about them. :)

Games / Steam Summer Discounts 2012
« on: July 15, 2012, 11:24:36 PM »
If you have Steam, please check them out so that you can buy some new games with crazy-ass discounts! :)

I got that Alan Wake collection at only $9.99 and will be getting the Darkness 2 later.

What do you guys and girls get there?

POSTAL General / MOVED: Postal 3 Problem!
« on: July 15, 2012, 09:07:39 PM »
This topic has been moved to PIII Support.

General / Dealing with annoying persons
« on: April 19, 2012, 08:16:22 PM »
Okay, here's one problem. I just had started working out in a gym. Yeah, laugh at me all you want. I can't lift much itchy-ass weights, but I'll do my best. My trainers and my acquaintances in the area are very helpful enough to coach me on hitting those irons.

However, here's one thing, we agreed there is a Mid-Eastern (I guessed from Pakistan) guy who likes to break rules in the gym. Many times, he works out shirtless so that he can show his body to anyone else while the rules inside said that "do not work out shirtless". Plus, he disturbs other guys who work out as well. He would say, "Agh! Don't be so slow, swing up 25 times in 1 minute" and all the unreasonable workout procedures. He talks loud too, and he likes showing off and pushing others around. He even harrassed the manager and asked questions like "Have you wanked already?" (in our native language as this fool is not bright enough to speak English)

He came and disturbed me, and even mocked me in his own language on many times. I ignored him. I never looked him, not in his eye. And some dudes wanted him out of the place too.

You think it's best for us to shoo him out again if he tried something more funny? :)

POSTAL III - Support / Postal 3 Unlocking All Levels
« on: March 06, 2012, 09:54:50 PM »
If you have completed the game and suddenly you have lost these selection of levels (an update of the game sometimes causes that), you can modify the "slc.dat" which is located in X:\Steam\steamapps\common\postal iii\p3\SAVE\ (where X is where you put your Steam inside). Be sure you make a backup first before you attempt to modify it.

Then in the SLC.dat (using a notepad or any word processor), you clear the file up and paste this into the file:
   "roam_hub1" "-1"
   "pdb"      "1"
   "PW"      "2"
   "DCR"      "3"
   "JWB"      "4"
   "CM"         "5"
   "MTZ"      "6"
   "CW"       "7"
   "SRM"      "8"
   "SBE"      "9"
   "MLI"     "10"
     "KMTD"     "11"
   "MVC"      "12"
   "PWAC"     "13"
   "BDK"      "14"
   "GRI"      "15"
   "CRM"      "16"
      "DLI"     "17"
     "PA"       "18"
   "PM1"      "19"
   "SUB"      "20"
   "AS"       "21"
   "HI"       "22"
   "MLG"      "23"
   "PM2"      "24"
   "ZHQA"     "25"
   "GRG"      "26"
   "MC"       "27"
   "DLG"      "28"
     "AA"       "29"

The codes for the respective levels are as follows:
(Thanks to "mexodus" from Resurrection-Studios forum)

Both Paths:
Paradise Dream Bridge:                         PDB   
Porn World:                                           PW   
Diseased cat roundup:                          DCR   
Jen Walcott’s Bodyguard:                      JWB
The Cash Mart Robbery:                        CM 

"Insane" Path:
Meet the Zealots:                                  MTZ 
The Champ Whisperer:                         CW
Segway Repo Man:                               SRM
Malaysian "Slave Boy" Escort Mission:  SBE
Monkey Test Lab Assault:                     MLI
Krotchy Meal Toy Delivery:                    KMTD
Mexican Viagra Courier:                        MVC
Prisoner without a clue:                        PWAC
Battle Damage Krotchy:                        BDK
Gay Rodeo:                                           GRI
Champ’s Rescue Mission:                     CRM
DaveLand:                                            DLI   

"Good" Path:
Police Academy:                                   PA
Patrol Mission #1:                                PM1
Save Uwe Boll's Career:                       SUB 
Arcade Shootout:                                 AS
Homeland Insecurity:                           HI
Monkey Test Lab Assault:                    MLG
Patrol Mission #2:                                PM2
Eco Zealot HQ Assault:                        ZHQA
Gay Rodeo:                                          GRG
The Motorcade:                                    MC
DaveLand:                                           DLG
Apocalypse, Again:                              AA

Hope this helps. :)

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