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POSTAL III- Mods / Postal 3 User-Made SDK *Original FGD*
« on: July 05, 2012, 08:48:14 PM »
Postal 3 - User-Made SDK

I was able to come up with an unofficial SDK using a custom configuration in Source SDK 2009, and the decompiling of maps to add npcs and other entities.
I will later give details on how to do this unless the official SDK is released before I do.

Edit: 1:04AM - 7/7/12
I'm working on a tutorial page on my website on how to set this up, it should be up sometime next week.

Edit 1:52AM - 7/8/12
Nevermind, instead of a week here it is now:

Edit 1:35AM - 7/31/12
Konstantin Efimov emailed me the original FGDs. Go here for the revised tutorial page and download them there.

This mod makes windows in Postal 2 look a bit more realistic. I masked the opacity of the windows so blinds and curtains aren't translucent anymore, made the outside of the window slightly translucent so you can kinda see inside, added cubemaps so the windows shine a little, and threw in some extra textures for mapping.

  • Install STV_Suburbs.usx into StaticMeshes folder of your Postal 2 directory.
  • Install BDTex.utx into Textures folder of your Postal 2 directory.
  • Keep a backup of STV_Suburbs.usx somewhere in case if you want to revert back.

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