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While we're critiquing, some more fine women of Asian, Latino and African-American descent couldn't hurt. As a lover of women, I appreciate them no matter their cultural origin.   ;)

Just finished Postal 3 for the first time (adored the others and started a Postal blog out of love), and I gotta say, the writing, humor and basic ideals were straight-up hilarious. It's unfortunate that RWS has ongoing issues with Trashmasters when it comes to patching things up, because if they were allowed to, then there's no doubt in my mind this would be an amazing experience on par with the second entry. Overall, though, the game made me crack up more times than I can count, and I look forward to more zany RWS exploits in the future.

Also: Rest In Peace, Bill Kunkel. It's not everyday that a talent like that comes along in the industry, and it's certainly not everyday that somebody singlehandedly invents a new type of journalism.

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