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February 12, 2015, 04:20:25 PM by RWS | Views: 1271 | Comments: 1

STRIKE while the iron is hot and SPARE nothing!

Tournament of the Tortured Gem Dealers. Now isn’t that a title to catch your attention. What it represents is actually far less sinister than its name makes it sound. It is a very worthwhile annual charity-bowling tournament held at The Golden Pin Lanes in Tucson Arizona.  The games are sponsored by the Pueblo Gem Show Dealers during their annual Gem and Mineral show, hence the rather unique name.

The tournament is the primary fundraiser for Kids Animals Life and Dreams (KALD). KALD is a local non-profit organization working with teens in foster care. It helps to give teens some of the experience needed to help them in finding and keeping suitable employment. Without organizations like KALD, teens might not get the chance needed to make a good life for themselves.

Our own Mike Jaret and his team took home the spectacular winning trophy from this year’s event. Mike bowled a 681 series in three games to help the team win the 19th annual tournament plus...
February 08, 2015, 10:32:35 AM by RWS | Views: 1956 | Comments: 0

Exploring the Workshop

A really great feature on Steam is the Workshop. It’s probably the easiest way to find and submit your own homemade mods for your favourite games. In the olden days, you had to do a considerable amount of random Internet searches to try to find mods to add a little extra interest to your game. After a lot of time consuming searches, it’s most likely that you would find only a handful of the countless mods that were actually available for your games. With the Steam Workshop you can now find those mods very quickly. You can also share your opinions on the mods with other gamers. The more popular the mod gets, the easier it will be for others to find.
Again, way back when, you used to have to follow complicated instructions to get the mods to work. Sometimes you had to trust executables that looked a little shady just to install the mod properly. Other times you had to use a third party mod manager to try to make them work properly. In any case the results might not have turned out to be quite what was desired. We a...
February 02, 2015, 05:34:12 PM by RWS | Views: 2170 | Comments: 0

Vote for Alisa Bogodarova!

Well known as a friend and fan of Running With Scissors, Alisa Bogodarova is a versatile young lady on her way up in the world. She is a talented artist, author, inventor and fitness model. Alisa has paid us a very great compliment on her web site by listing as her inspirations: God, The Universe and that awesome video game POSTAL.

Alisa is now entered in the RAW: Visual Artist of the Year Contest. Raw promotes natural born artists. She is asking that you put in a vote for her to be the RAW: Visual Artist of the Year. Let’s help this talented young lady to win her contest. It’s very easy to see some of her work and put in your vote. Simply go to her site and hit the sparkly vote button. You can see some of Alisa’s work on her page, then just click on the l...
January 30, 2015, 05:08:31 PM by RWS | Views: 1132 | Comments: 0

Nielsgade's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Mapping Contest

We know how everybody likes to win prizes so we want to tip you off about a really big contest you are going to want to get in on. For your chance to win, start right now and send your submissions in before April 1st, 2015. All you have to do to enter is to make a great map for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. You can find the full details of what is required for your map at over on the Nielsgade site.

The prizes for this contest include a number of game packs and collections that are really worth winning. First prize is a very generous 79 video games, Second prize not to be sneered at is 16 games and Third prize will keep you going on your game playing for quite a while with 13 games. Running with Scissors is of course donating a three game collection to all three levels since we want to encourage everybody to have fun. A full list of all the games to be given away is listed at the contest site.

So there you have i...
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