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June 19, 2014, 12:42:44 PM by RWS | Views: 809 | Comments: 1

We are the Champions!

Congratulations go out to Team Running With Scissors on their CHAMPIONSHIP WIN! In-line Hockey is a sport that rivals ice hockey for fun and entertainment. It takes strength, stamina and a lot of determination just to stay on your feet.

In an action packed thriller of a game, Team Running With Scissors skated and shot their way to victory Tuesday night at the Tucson Indoor Sports Center. Running With Scissors own Mike J. scored 2 of the winning goals. Although they put up a great defence, RWS defeated the hard playing Dragons 9-3 to become Division 2 Men’s League Champions.

To advance to the finals, Team Running With Scissors first had to defeat The Sharks in the semi-finals. Mike J. distinguished himself in that game by scoring 3 solid goals.
It was a great season for Team Running With Scissors. The team went 9-1 with the only loss to The Mercenaries in the 8th game heart-breaker. The next season starts in just a couple of weeks. Although this season is barely over, it is something we are already looking for...
June 17, 2014, 10:45:30 AM by RWS | Views: 2690 | Comments: 10

Calling All Level Designers!

Hey you, yes you! Looking for your big break? This could be it! We are looking for level designers to join us in an intern role. No this is not a joke, we are completely serious here! With PARADISE LOST now in the public eye we actually have to get to work and step up the development. Putting a copy of POSTAL 2 under our pillow unfortunately didn't make the magic game development fairy appear to grant us the expansion so that means we actually have to make it ourselves. That's where you come in!

You will need to be comfortable working inside the Unreal Engine 2 editor. You will be creating levels using already existing assets. If you are able to create your own textures and models that's all for the better but if not, it's not a problem. You will be able to detail asset lists and our artists will help you finish the job. ...
June 16, 2014, 08:33:13 AM by RWS | Views: 1090 | Comments: 2

Vince and Mike J at E3

E3 is one of the most exciting, entertaining and informative events that takes place in the gaming world. It brings together some of the most well known game developers and introduces new comers into the gaming world. It’s where real life meets fantasy and the only limit to creativity is how far designers can stretch their imaginations. Vince and Mike attended this year’s event to announce the development of PARADISE LOST. Besides meeting old friends, getting new ideas and chatting with the ladies there were all kinds of mind blowing displays. We thought you might enjoy seeing some of the people and exhibits at this year’s event.

Our heads were so swollen by the overwhelmingly positive reaction our announcement of PARADISE LOST received, these headphones would just about fit.
June 10, 2014, 11:18:08 AM by RWS | Views: 11470 | Comments: 37


It's E3, the time everyone reveals their dog-eared, long time planned, plotted and sweated over cards to the world and shows what they are up to. It's always fun to see what, with a little bit of luck and a big imagination, the next big hit of the decade might be. Well Running With Scissors doesn't plan on being left anywhere in the dust. You may have guessed that we had a plan to get back in to the game with all the massive free updates we have been releasing for POSTAL 2. Now it's finally time to announce officially that POSTAL 2 is growing again! No this isn't just more new content for you to enjoy while playing the classic POSTAL 2 and it isn't just a holiday themed new content. It's a whole new thing! RWS is proud to announce POSTAL 2: PARADISE LOST, a brand new expansion to our world renowned game! That's right, you asked us to do it, and we are actually listening! A brand shining new expansion that is being made in-house and best of all the development has already started! The estimated time of release for PARADISE LOST is Fa...
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