Indie Spotlight: Duke Grabowski, Mighty Swashbuckler


Everyone who is anyone knows there are three arduous trials which must be completed before you can become a great and powerful pirate. Those trials, designed of course to prove your worth or your heroism, are as follows: Winning a sword duel against the island’s resident swordmaster, finding a buried treasure, and let’s not forget, stealing a valuable idol from […]

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POSTAL Redux 3.0 – New Levels, and More


After 17 action-packed levels, you must be feeling pretty weary and tired. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a vacation? Maybe a trip to a relaxing resort, or across the ocean all the way to the exotic Godzilla-stricken land of Japan? But first, maybe you’d like to stop by the supermarket, and ask nicely for a copy of POSTAL… This […]

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Indie Spotlight: Meridian: Squad 22


Going to a new country is always an interesting and sometimes frightening experience. You never quite know what to expect. You don’t quite know their customs, their odd vocabulary or their rules of the road. You can’t tell if the street vendor is charging you a reasonable price or if he is a shyster charging you some outrageous amount because […]

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Feedback Friday #14 – Steam Reviews


Autumn has arrived! For many youngsters around the world, the month of September means being back in school, and not playing any of our POSTAL video games, because they’re not rated appropriately for their age range. But for the rest of you, it means another perfect time of year to stay inside your house and play POSTAL 2, POSTAL Redux […]

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