POSTAL Redux Update – Improved Load Times (again)


Do you realize it’s been over a year since we released POSTAL Redux? God damn, time sure flies! The game has seen many updates and improvements as well, though there’s always been that one caveat keeping some of you from enjoying it fully, despite our past attempts to address it – the loading times. Indeed, despite our previous patch aiming […]

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Indie Spotlight: Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book


Recently I was introduced to the concept of putting various ingredients into a pot then stirring it together to produce something completely new and hopefully exciting. Sadly though, whenever I do it, it’s inevitable, I always just end up with some really weird tasting soup. Clearly I am not cut out to be a world-class chef. Luckily, there are rumours […]

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Indie Spotlight: Thimbleweed Park™


I’m sure this has happened to all of you at one time or another. You know the drill. You visit a new country, get a cryptic note that tells you to meet a mysterious stranger at some inexplicably secluded spot in the middle of nowhere and the next thing you know you are pixelating in the river. You are likely […]

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Indie Spotlight: Monster Monpiece


Anyone fancy a game of cards? Yes! Well put away that boring old deck you got from the dollar store. Today we will play with a far more interesting one. These cards are so picturesque they are practically magic! We are also not going to play some boring game like Poker or Go Fish; today we will battle to see […]

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Spotlight: ModMic 5


Depending on how you view the world, things need to change or adapt to survive. The most obvious contender is the chameleon which changes colours to help it blend into the environment. The mimic octopus can change to make itself appear like various other species in its watery habitat and lastly there is the Antlion which can change an ordinary […]

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