Indie Spotlight: Inside my Radio


It’s time for another long awaited Indie Spotlight! Surprisingly, this game actually contains a number of Spotlights! You may have heard of this game before because we did touch on it in the past but now it is time for it to receive the full Spotlight treatment. Inside My Radio is a Rhythm-Action Platformer set inside a dying boom box. […]

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Indie Spotlight: Oceanhorn – Monster of Uncharted Seas


Due to all the excitement of Paradise Lost coming out last month, it’s understandably been a while since we had an Indie Spotlight. Oceanhorn – Monster of Uncharted Seas was actually going to be posted about about two weeks ago but I ended up playing it to the very end. I was able to find every item there was to […]

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Indie Spotlight: Distance


We are really going the Distance here with the Indie Spotlight! Three in a row, that’s never happened before but it’s a new month and it is time for the Indie Spotlight to shine again. This time the glow is on Distance by Refract Studio.Sometimes when you try out a new game you are expecting one thing but end up […]

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Indie Spotlight: Isbarah


What’s this? Can it be? Another Indie Spotlight right after the last one? Indeed it can be! AR-K was meant for January but due to some overly troublesome technical difficulties, it was unfortunately delayed. The delay however did not detract from the enjoyment I received from playing the game. Today’s Indie Spotlight is being written up perhaps a little bit […]

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Indie Spotlight: AR-K


After having a video card fry out just before starting this spotlight and then waiting on a backordered power adapter for the new video card, this Indie Spotlight has been a bit delayed. Sometimes things are just worth waiting for though. Without any further delay, it is time once again to shine the Indie Spotlight, this time on AR-K!AR-K is […]

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