It’s almost that time of the year again, the time that makes many gamers everywhere shudder with fear and look on with dread. You can tell time is rapidly running out by the sidelong looks and growing smiles and smirks of parents poking around in the background. You know they are enjoying your discomfort as they gloat over your pain. […]

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Indie Spotlight: Kerbal Space Program


This is ground control to Major Kerbin, take your protein pill and put your helmet on. With the launch of our new site, what better game to feature in the Indie Spotlight than Kerbal Space Program. If you look in the images for the game you see cute little cylinder headed characters that speak Kerbish. This may lead you to […]

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RWS Internship


We are looking for talented and motivated individuals to become a part of our team! At Running With Scissors, we are a group of passionate developers who are lucky to be able to make what we want without publishers dictating what our end product should be. We value and respect our fanbase and now look to them to expand our […]

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Check out our Spiffy New Website!

As you can easily already see, we haven’t been wasting any time getting everything bright and shiny new for you. You might notice the archives are gone. This is just part of the tidying up but don’t worry as they are not all gone for good. Some of the best articles and stories you enjoyed in the past will come […]

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