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Founded in Tucson, AZ in 1996 and now manned from all across the world, Running With Scissors is an independent video game studio that develops and publishes outrageous games just for the hell of it. Our goal is to make action-packed games which are fun, funny and possibly even politically correct. Our games feature wonderfully excessive amounts of violence, however we are not in favor of real life violence and believe it’s a hell of a lot better to act out your frustrations in video games rather than against your fellow man.

Game Releases


“In the beginning Vince and Co. created the family friendly and then the RWS. Now the RWS was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the team was hovering over the indie waters. And Vince said, “Let there be violence” and there was violence. Vince saw that the violence was good, and he separated the unique from the common. Vince called the unique “POSTAL” and the common he called “boring” and there was evening, and there was morning—the first day of development.”

Back in the day, Vince Desi, the future head of Running With Scissors, worked as a headhunter for programmers and placed many talented individuals into the widely known company, Atari. When Atari went bust the first time, Vince took some of these talented programmers and co-created Riedel Software Productions, a work-for-hire game development studio. Although successful, many years of making tame children’s games and other games based on other company’s intellectual property became boring and Vince and some of his colleagues became restless. They wanted to stop riding the coattails of other franchises and leave their own mark permanently on the gaming industry. In 1996 the unforgettable and insurmountable Running With Scissors was formed.

Running With Scissors was self funded and determined to be independent and free of pseudo-commercial creative development and hypocritical publishers. It set out to make a game that would live in infamy.


POSTAL was released to the unsuspecting public. The hate mail was instant and almost more vicious than the game itself. RWS knew it was on the right track when Senator Joe Lieberman mentions the game during a speech on the house floor of the US Senate. He claimed:

“The three worst things in American society are Marilyn Manson, Calvin Klein Underwear ads and the video game POSTAL.”

POSTAL was banned in 14 countries and blacklisted in America. This only motivates RWS to be more relentless as it pursues its dream to be independent.

The original POSTAL publisher Panasonic Interactive gets cold feet when Howard Stern mistakenly mentions them by name during an on-air commercial announcement about the game. Subsidiary Ripcord Games is summarily spun off into an independent publishing house before any coolness accidentally backsplashes onto Panasonic.

The US Postal Service files a copyright suit over use of the name “POSTAL”. The suit would last for 6 years, until being dismissed in 2003.


Work begins on POSTAL 2. The game is designed as a “sociological experiment” that leaves violence entirely up to the player’s discretion as none of the missions specifies killing. The #1 child star in television history, Gary Coleman, is signed to play himself.


POSTAL 2 is released by UK-based publisher WhipTail Interactive. The RWS team immediately starts development on a multiplayer add-on.


POSTAL 2 receives the first ever “0” rating from Computer Gaming World magazine. RWS immediately puts out a press release, wearing their “perfect score” like a badge of honor. It is later displayed on the front cover of the ‘POSTAL Fudge Pack’ compilation.

An updated version of POSTAL 2 called “Share The Pain” is released that includes new levels, code updates, faster loading times and the multiplayer patch.

POSTAL 2 publisher WhipTail Interactive implodes.

RWS begins work on an expansion for POSTAL 2, titled: “Apocalypse Weekend”, and incorporates a satirical play on the WhipTail situation into the storyline, as well as the nuclear destruction of Paradise, Arizona. Despite the fact that the add-on is completed in six months, various issues delay its release until 2006.


An add-on for POSTAL 2 entitled “Штопор жжот“, is created by Russian publisher Akella, and released in Russia only. An English translation is not avalible.


Apocalypse Weekend released. RWS makes a deal with Akella to develop Postal III. The game takes a third-person point of view and is set in the fictional town of Catharsis, Arizona. Deal is announced prematurely to coincide with announcement of the POSTAL feature film, by German mad man Uwe Boll.

All current POSTAL games re-released as a collection called “The Fudge Pack”.

“Music To Go POSTAL By” music CD is released.


Randy Jones (original cowboy of the Village People), Ron Jeremy the #1 porn star in the world, and Playboy Playmate Jennifer Walcott are signed to be characters in Postal III.

Limited 10th Anniversary Edition box set of POSTAL games released with bonus colorforms, packaged in a swanky cereal box.

Postal III development begins.

POSTAL, the feature film, is released.


Postal III Released. It is critically slammed with a score of 24 on Metacritic. POSTAL fans are left disappointed and confused as to what happened.


POSTAL 2 is placed on Valve’s Steam Greenlight – a service that allows their community members to vote on the games they would like to see on Steam. A promotional video, petitioning for POSTAL 2’s release on Steam follows.

POSTAL 2 gets a massively positive response on Greenlight and releases onto Steam in November.


POSTAL 1 is released on Steam, boasting many improvements and updates.

RWS release patch 1412 for the Windows version of POSTAL 2 on Steam, as a thank you for all our fans, old and new. The patch includes many fixes improving compatibility for newer systems and adds many new features, weapons and the ability to play the entire 7 days in one playthrough.


RWS continue patching the Windows version of POSTAL 2 on Steam.


POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost is released on Steam

5000 Patch (Windows and Linux) is released on Steam, bringing the Linux version in line with Windows.

RWS begins development on a remake of the original POSTAL, to do the game justice.


POSTAL Redux is released on Steam, and is shortly updated with online cooperative multiplayer, and new levels.

POSTAL 2 continues being updated with new patches.

RWS begins work on a brand new series of video games. Details are kept secret, with the only information being that one game will be made for VR, while the other will be multiplayer.



  • 2013, AskMen.com – #1 Top TEN Most Violent Video Games Ever – POSTAL 2
  • 2013, GoryVideoGames.com – #9 TOP 10 MOST VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES – POSTAL Series
  • 2012, GAMERANX.com – #2 Most Offensive Video Game Ever – POSTAL 2
  • 2012, PCMAG.com – #9 The Top Ten Most Violent Video Games Ever – POSTAL 2
  • 2010, GAMERANX.com – #25 Top 25 Goriest Games of All Time – POSTAL
  • 2010, GAMERANX.com – #2 14 Most Offensive Video Games Ever – POSTAL 2
  • 2010, Diehard GameFAN – Worst Game Ever Made Hall of Shame – POSTAL 2
  • 2010, Kri winner for Most Original Project – POSTAL 3
  • 2008, Postal Movie nominated for three Golden Raspberry Awards: Worst Supporting Actor (Boll himself), Worst Supporting Actor (Vern Troyer as himself) and Worst Director (Boll).
  • 2008 Joystiq.com: Best Weapon of E3, RWS Badger Saw! – POSTAL III
  • 2008 Hoboken International Film Festival: Best Of Show. – Postal The Movie
  • 2008 XLeague, Top 10 Video Game Weapons, Postal 2 #3, Anthrax Cow Head!
  • 2007 Voted one of top 10 best games at Igro – POSTAL III
  • 2007 Games Radar, Top Ten Banned Games, POSTAL #1
  • 2007 Consoletech, Innovative Achievement Award – RWS & POSTAL Series
  • 2006 PC World, The 10 Worst Games of All Time, Runners-Up – POSTAL
  • 2005 Mirror.co.uk, Sickest TOP 5, POSTAL 2: Apocalypse Weekend #5
  • 2004 Holiday Violent Games List, POSTAL 2, #9
  • 2004 Interfaith’s Top 10 Worst Violent Games, POSTAL 2
  • 2004 Electronic Gaming Buisness, E3 Boss Award, The Gary Coleman Trophy
  • 2004 Game Industry News, nominated Best Action Game of the Year
  • 2004 Game Industry News, nominated Best Shooter of the Year
  • 2004 NEXUSMAG.net, POSTAL 2:Share The Pain, #2, Top 10 Controversial Games
  • 2004 PC Zone (UK), POSTAL 2:Share The Pain, honorable mention as Future Filth
  • 2004 PC Zone (UK), POSTAL rated #5, The 50 Most Controversial Games Ever
  • 2004 PC Zone (UK), POSTAL 2, #11, The 50 Most Controversial Games Ever
  • 2004 Game Tiger, POSTAL 2 rated #8 Top 10 Games You Can’t Show Mom
  • 2003 Computer Games magazine, Best Performance by a politician Gary Coleman in POSTAL 2
  • 2003, Krawall Gaming, Best Press Releases of 2003 – RWS and POSTAL 2
  • 2003, GameSpot, Most Embarrasing Game Nominee – POSTAL 2
  • 2003, Game Informer, Top 10 Villains of 2003 – Gary Coleman in POSTAL 2
  • 2003, Top 10 “Parent Alert!” Game List by MediaWise – POSTAL 2
  • 2003, “We Are Games”(hry.sme.sk) Postal Dude #1 Video Game Character
  • 2003, Gamer TV (UK) POSTAL 2 rated #1 Most Outrageous Game of All time
  • 2003, STUFF magazine, POSTAL 2 rated #3 Most Controversial Games Ever
  • 2003, ICE magazine (UK), POSTAL 2 rated #1 Goriest Game of All time
  • 2003, Jolt.co.uk, Best Booth Babes at ECTS, London – Running With Scissors
  • 2003, IGN, Runner-up Best Booth – Running With Scissors
  • 2003, The ESRB rates POSTAL 2 “Intense Violence”, 1st game ever
  • 2002, PC GAMER, POSTAL rated #2 Most Controversial Game of All Time
  • 2002, XGR, Best Off-The-Floor Showing at E3 – POSTAL 2
  • 1998, Software Publishers Association: Excellence in Packaging – POSTAL
  • 1998, Academy of Interactive Sciences: Best Use of Audio Nominee – POSTAL
  • 1998, Academy of Interactive Sciences: Best Soundtrack Nominee – POSTAL
  • 1998, Capital of Nasty: Golden Testicle Award – GOPOSTAL.com website
  • 1997, E3 Best of Show: Gold Medal – POSTAL
  • 1997, All About Games magazine, Silver Medal, Arcade – POSTAL
  • 1997, Entermedia: Editor’s Choice Award – POSTAL
  • 1997, Washington Post: Golden Fez Award – POSTAL
  • 1997, Game of the Month.com: Game of the Month Award – POSTAL
  • 1997, Game Genies: Granted Wish Award – POSTAL




Tucson, Arizona, USA

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Regarding ‘Let’s Plays’, reviews, guides, and other videos that contain footage from our games, Running With Scissors gives you permission to showcase and monetize your videos of our products via video sharing and streaming sites such as YouTube and Twitch. We only ask that you include a link to our website or one of our social networking pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

We will happily promote your work, so be sure to let us know when your content is ready. Let us know at rihards@gopostal.com.