I Regret Nothing Podcast

The ‘I Regret Nothing Podcast’ is the official podcast of Running With Scissors, hosted by Mike J and a changing roster of RWS employees. It serves as a means for us to talk directly to our fans, answer questions, give updates on our latest projects and to talk about whatever is on our minds.

Streamed live at irregular, infrequent times. Follow our Twitter and/or Facebook, to know when we’re streaming a new episode.

Episode 7 – 6/01/2017

Hosted by Mike J, Kurt Willoughby and Rich The PR Guy. In this month’s podcast Mike mostly talks about people washing their butts.

Video starts abruptly due to many technical issues we had while starting the stream, so we cut all that out for the Youtube version.

Topics Discussed and Questions Answered

  • E3, and Mike’s attendance there (hints of a new project)
  • “Thanks Mike for fucking up my order – the Krotchy doll works!”
  • Q: “Will Vince be coming to E3?”
  • Mike’s public urination policy
  • New POSTAL Redux updates
  • Q: “Will you remake POSTAL 2?”
  • Return of the Bidet rant, and Mike’s passion for asshole cleanliness
  • Q: “What microphone are you using right now?” and Mike’s rant on Blue customer service
  • Q: “I remember seeing a POSTAL game on Playstation. Did that actually happen?”
  • Q: “Do you ship your products to Italy?”
  • Q: “POSTAL 2, in its current state, for consoles?”
  • Steam as a Netlix competitor? Also Mike’s dog post-surgery.
  • Q: “Where are you guys based?”
  • Q: “What was the inspiration behind the Krotchy character?”
  • Q: “Are you glad that the folks at Akella tanked?”
  • More on the 20th anniversary of POSTAL
  • Rich’s death stare for chat
  • Thoughts on Guardians of The Galaxy 2
  • Mike and Rich talk Alien Covenant, Prometheus and touch on the rest of the series with Kurt
  • Thoughts on the upcoming Blade Runner sequel
  • Mike thinks old sci-fi movies need remakes, and talks Minority Report
  • Touching on Star Wars Episode 8, and Mark Hamill’s opinions and career
  • Another visit from Barkly
  • Wonder Woman reviews, and thoughts on the usefulness of general consensus
  • Mike talks about The Handmaid’s Tale
  • Talking about Twin Peaks, and no one watched The Expanse
  • Mike shows off his pink Postal III box to upset Rich

Episode 6 – 2/03/2017

Hosted by Mike J, Vince Desi, and Kurt Willoughby. In this month’s podcast the guys talk about Christmas/the holiday period, GDC, and a plethora of VR news.


Topics Discussed and Questions Answered

  • Nintendo Switch launch thoughts
  • How everyone spent the holidays
  • Rape in Hollywood
  • VR news out of GDC
  • Q: “When will the POSTAL Redux Soundtrack be available?”
  • Q: “Are the RWS signs ever coming back?”
  • Q: “Will you start paying modders to develop mods for your games?”
  • Q: “Will there ever be a (real) POSTAL 3?”
  • Q: “Will we have another DLC for POSTAL 2 one day?”
  • Q: “Do you think VR porn will gain any real traction?”
  • Q: “Does RWS still have an office?”
  • Digital Homicide vs Jim Sterling, again – inability to handle criticism
  • More VR news – 1 million units sold for PS VR
  • Q: “Have you ever considered doing a POSTAL RPG?”
  • Q: “When will Paradise Lost be available on GOG?”
  • Q: “Will there be a Polish dub for POSTAL Redux?”
  • Q: “Do you plan on adding more RWS merchandise?”
  • The 20th anniversary of POSTAL, a look back
  • Talking about weekly TV episodes and fan theories
  • Kurt talks about Con Man, and Mike’s protips for peeing on people
  • Vince pontificates over fake news
  • Vince has been watching Big Bang Theory and other comedies
  • Q: “What are your favorite guns?”
  • Mike raves about The Expanse, Lego Batman and Arrival

Episode 5 – 12/21/2016

Hosted by Mike J, Vince Desi, and Kurt Willoughby. In this month’s podcast the guys talk about Christmas/the holiday period, The Video Game Awards, lesbianism and apologizing about outfits in Overwatch, and the new Star Wars film: Rogue One.


Topics Discussed and Questions Answered

  • Christmas plans
  • The Video Game Awards, Overwatch, Uncharted 4 and Razzies for Gaming
  • The Kunkel Awards for gaming journalism, and the life of Bill Kunkel
  • Lesbians and censored outfits in Overwatch: A rant by Kurt Willoughby
  • The obligatory VR talk. Wireless kit for The Vive,
  • Remaining stock of Krotchy dolls
  • Q: “Is there a release date for the PS4 version of POSTAL Redux?”
  • Q: “How do you feel about it being the 5th anniversary of Postal III’s release?”
  • Q: “Can you tell us something about the new game?”
  • Q: “Do you guys regret anything?”
  • Q: “Will you ever do a remaster of POSTAL 2?”
  • Q: “How do you feel about Uwe Boll’s successful film career coming to an end?”
  • Mike and Kurt’s thoughts of Rogue One – 5 cocks up
  • Vince watched Bad Moms
  • Mike talks Netflix – Black Mirror and Fuller House
  • Q: “What are your favorite game studios, and favorite game they’ve made?” and Vince touches on cultural appropriation
  • Q: “Any plans for the 20th anniversary of POSTAL?”
  • Q: “How do you feel about a fan-made remake of Postal III?”
  • Q: “What is the most interesting unused content from your games?”
  • Q: “Can we get the Pigeon Hunter Mission for POSTAL 2?”, and a guest appearance by Kurt’s daughter
  • Q: “Is the POSTAL 1 source code coming?”
  • Q: “Were you inspired by other games/movies when you made POSTAL 2?”
  • Q: “Will you have Mexicans in your next game?”
  • Kurt’s unused baby crying audio, and Mike loves breastmilk
  • Vince shows his cat’s asshole

Episode 4 – 11/09/2016

Hosted by Mike J, Jon Merchant, and Kurt Willoughby. In this month’s podcast the guys talk about the presidential election (in passing), the Extra Life 24 hour live-stream, VR, Samsung’s exploding phones, and upcoming films.


Topics Discussed and Questions Answered

  • Touching briefly on the presidential election
  • The RWS Extra Life 24-hour charity livestream
  • VR again – Serious Sam and Driftwatch, PS VR, the hazards and being a developer for VR along with hints of future project.
  • Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch announcement
  • More talk on the Galaxy Note 7 dangers
  • Mike’s phone cooking scare
  • Anti-smoking PSA, and vaping
  • Legality of weed in Arizona
  • Mike’s wedding video
  • Q: “Is your VR game going to have co-op as well?”, and some additional info on the game.
  • Q: “Jon, what is most difficult in VR development?”
  • Q: “Kurt, how do you make sound for a VR experience?”, and a guest appearance by the wife
  • Q: “Mike, what do you think about the Galaxy S8 size rumors?”
  • Q: “Can the POSTAL games be made available in Germany again?”
  • Trying to getting away from the bad stigma of POSTAL, with rejections of mobile ports.
  • Q: “Will we ever see a second POSTAL movie?”
  • Q: “Can we have even the smallest hint on the new IP?”
  • Kurt’s still too busy to watch anything, so everyone talks about Walking Dead
  • Kurt talks about Batman
  • Mike raves about the Watchman movie
  • Mike and Kurt talk about Suicide Squad
  • Mike talks about Doctor Strange, and upcoming movies including Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them
  • Mike’s uncontrollable erection for Rogue One, and recurring peeing problems

Episode 3 – 9/21/2016

Hosted by Vince Desi, Mike J, and Kurt Willoughby. In this month’s podcast the guys talk about some POSTAL Redux, more about VR gaming, PS4 Pro and PSVR, Digital Homicide, and the TV shows they’re been enjoying, and more.


Topics Discussed and Questions Answered

  • Stray cats and dogs and spiritual vacations in Mexico
  • Further impressions on VR and the quality of the games.
  • Audio in VR, 3D Headphones, and VR concert idea
  • Clash of the titans – iPhone vs Android debate
  • The explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus botched release – Mike got fucked, and the removal of the headphone port
  • The vinyl comeback, and risks of live shows
  • Q: “What was the thought process behind creating the Postal Dude as a character?”
  • Q: “Who was The Pain Killer in POSTAL 1’s credits?”
  • Q: “When should we expect POSTAL 4?”
  • Q: “If you could do a crossover between POSTAL and some other game franchise, what would it be?”
  • Q: “What gave you the idea to name yourselves Running With Scissors?”
  • Digital Homicide vs. Jim Sterling
  • Q: “Is The Dude’s hair natural red or dyed?”
  • Possible POSTAL TV series?
  • Q: “What is the reasoning behind the sudden POSTAL 2 patch with Steam jokes?”
  • Q: “What are your favorite types of games?”, and Vince’s love of POSTAL 1’s visuals
  • Q: “Do you prefer the darker style of POSTAL 1 or the more humorous style of POSTAL 2?”, and finding the humor in P1
  • Q: “How did you find such a perfect voice actor for The Dude?”
  • Q: “Any news on a boxed copy of POSTAL Redux or Paradise Lost?”
  • Vince’s rant on the Ben-Hur remake – 0 dicks.
  • Kurt’s too busy to watch anything, except a Left 4 Dead indie film
  • Vince asks what ‘cis gender’ means
  • Mike read the new Harry Potter book
  • Mike watched ‘8 Days a Week’, the Beatles documentary – 4 full dicks

Episode 2 – 7/19/2016

Hosted by Vince Desi, Mike J, and Jon M. In this month’s podcast the guys talk about some POSTAL news, VR gaming, Pokemon Go, the TV shows they’re been enjoying, and more.


Topics Discussed and Questions Answered

  • POSTAL Redux Co-Op and Expansion Level Update
  • POSTAL 2 June 2016 Mall Update
  • iTunes Rejection, and progressive hypocrisy
  • More about the ban in Germany, and controversy around POSTAL
  • Politics in US and UK
  • The buggy sensation of Pokemon GO
  • Game Journalists shaming gamers for talking to people
  • Vince’s pondering over Pokemon porn
  • PGO boosting local businesses
  • Experiences with virtual reality – the future is now!
  • The real game changer – VR porn.
  • Q: “Can the 2016 MikeJ from the Mall easter egg be put back into Share The Pain?”
  • Q: “Will there be a Mall update in June of 2084?”
  • Trying to activate POSTAL games on Steam, in Germany
  • Showing off the Mall update video
  • Opinions on Game of Thrones
  • Opinions on Mr. Robot
  • Opinions on Marcella, and other British shows
  • Opinions on Orange Is The New Black
  • Opinions on Central Intelligence, and “The Rock”
  • Thoughts on Star Trek Beyond, and the current series.
  • Q: “Any chance for a sequel to the POSTAL movie?”
  • Vince’s dump, and MikeJ’s dirty anus rant/bidet promo.
  • Vince signing off, and new POSTAL Redux level screenshots
  • Quick word on the Redux update
  • Q: “Will there be a Gauntlet Challenge in Redux co-op?”
  • Q: “Will there be maps for the Android port of POSTAL?”

Episode 1 – 6/10/2016

Hosted by Vince Desi, Mike J, and Jon Merchant. Welcome to the Running With Scissors: I Regret Nothing Podcast! This is basically a chance for a prolonged discussion about the history of the company and the POSTAL series, and a time where you guys get the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.



For some reason Twitch split this episode into two parts, when uploading to YouTube.

Topics Discussed and Questions Answered

  • Vince’s history in the Video Game Industry. Origins of RWS and POSTAL.
  • Jon’s history with POSTAL, Eternal Damnation and RWS
  • MikeJ’s start at RWS
  • POSTAL Redux Launch, and future updates
  • Vince’s thoughts on what Running With Scissors stands for
  • The launch of POSTAL in 1997, and subsequent controversy
  • Appearance at Phoenix Comicon, and interacting with fans
  • POSTAL re-banned in Germany #GermanGamersMatter
  • Change of style to comedy for POSTAL 2, and Russian love
  • POSTAL 2’s smashing success on Steam Greenlight
  • Relationship with the gaming press
  • The unfortunate disaster and disowning of Postal III
  • Q: “Have you thought about making a game from MikeJ’s pespective?”
  • Creation of Paradise Lost DLC to thank the fans
  • Positive reception from the fans on Steam
  • Experiences with the press, interviews and reviews
  • Plans for the future
  • Q: “Will you be adding the Christmas Mode back to POSTAL Redux?”
  • Q: “If you could change anything in the POSTAL movie, what would it be?”
  • Q: “What prompted you to change the ending in POSTAL Redux?”
  • Q: “Will you push the envelope by adding sex, nudity and more in your next game?”
  • Q: “What is your opinion of Hatred?”
  • Q: “Why was Verne Troyer in the movie instead of Gary?”