Interview With Vince And MikeJ, By Arcade Attack


“RWS is special because we listen to our fans. We’re more like a club than a company, no one really works at RWS, we all contribute because we want to.” – Vince Desi Though we may be balls-deep in development of a new upcoming title, we’re never too busy to find the time to talk about ourselves to anyone willing […]

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POSTAL The Movie Coming To Steam


On September 25th, 2017, close enough to its ten year anniversary, everybody’s favorite video game movie adaptation by everybody’s favorite German director of video game movie adaptations, based on everybody’s favorite family-friendly open world urination sandbox, will be made available digitally on Steam for purchase or rent. If you’re so inclined, you can already visit its store page and wishlist […]

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Indie Spotlight: Moero Chronicle


Have you ever noticed when you leave your own city, people from other places sometimes appear to act rather strangely? You could be minding your own business, peacefully walking through a garden and next thing you know the owner is threatening to kill you. I mean sure, you may have accidentally trampled some of their plants but really you were […]

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POSTAL 2 Multi-Language & Subtitle Update


Always on the forefront of the cutting-edge technology & practices of more than a decade ago, us humble folk at Running With Scissors are always looking to improve even our oldest games to make them more accessible and more enjoyable for gamers across the world. Today we are proud to release the version 5022 Windows Update for POSTAL 2 on […]

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