‘Thank You’ to The Fans, from RWS


In the days since the launch of POSTAL Redux, and even after our assessment of public reviews & reception, the positive reviews and comments have continued piling up. We have been genuinely moved by many of the kind words and love that we receive from our fans, and it has reminded each of us how we value the people who […]

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POSTAL Redux – Reviews & Feedback


So, POSTAL Redux has been out for a few days now, and a lot of people have already had the chance to take it out for a spin. From the moment it launched, we’ve been inviting all of you to tell us what you think and leave your reviews, whether they be positive or negative, and that’s exactly what a […]

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Running With Scissors Talks With VICE and Playboy


We certainly hope that all of you have been having a blast with POSTAL Redux (which has just released on Steam for Windows), and we’re really happy to see how many of you guys are enjoying it! We’ve also been busy with the release, and we’re working hard now, to provide substantial updates to improve the game based on all […]

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