Interview with Vince and MikeJ, by Arcade Attack


“RWS is special because we listen to our fans. We’re more like a club than a company, no one really works at RWS, we all contribute because we want to.”
– Vince Desi

Though we may be balls-deep in development of a new upcoming title, we’re never too busy to find the time to talk about ourselves to anyone willing to sit down and listen to our drunken bidet tirades. And also video games, and our work, I guess. We talk about that stuff too, sometimes.

With that said, the nice folks from Arcade Attack had a back-and-forth with our boys Vince and MikeJ, talking about POSTAL, POSTAL 2, POSTAL Redux, working at RWS, Joe Lieberman, Gary Coleman, controversial video games in general, video game characters and something about OJ Simpson, I think. Be sure to give it a read!