Support Nick’s POSTAL 2 Co-Op Mods


POSTAL 2’s modding community is something we’ve been proud of ever since we launched the game all those years ago. We’ve watched with glee the crazy new weapons, levels, modes and more that have been added to the game, and we’ve always aimed to support the absolute madmen that dedicate their time to creating them. In fact, because we respect and appreciate the talents of modders, many of our current employees are people who themselves started out making POSTAL 2 mods!

Nowadays creating and releasing mods for POSTAL 2 is easier than it ever has been, with the availability of our POSTed Development Kit and with Steam Workshop, which has resulted in there being more mods for Steam owners of the game than you can shake a stick at! You can always be sure that if we’re not gonna get you your money’s worth – other people will! Which leads us to the topic at hand – one man making some of the most substantial and ambitious POSTAL 2 mods we have ever seen. We are, of course, talking about the co-op mods by the user known as ‘Nick’. And he wants your help to keep going.

‘Nick’ (also known in the community as ‘Evil’) has previously worked on quite a few notable mods on the POSTAL 2 Steam Workshop, many of which we have highlighted in the past, however he is most recently known for his magnum opus – ‘Nicks Coop’ – which allows up to 16 players to enjoy all seven days of the POSTAL 2 and Apocalypse Weekend campaigns together, completing errands, urinating on bystanders and causing mayhem as they see fit. We’ve even enjoyed playing this mod quite a bit ourselves – it’s a real blast and a must-try for any POSTAL 2 fans! Though Nick wasn’t quite done with just that – more recently he has released an updated port of the ‘Corkscrew Rules’ expansion for Steam Workshop, which was originally released in Russia by Akella back in 2005. In addition to porting the expansion itself to Steam Workshop with updates such as English subtitles, Nick also released a co-op version of the expansion, allowing friends to play through the whole thing together! It’s like POSTAL 2, but in Russia!

Yet something is missing… What about our latest expansion – Paradise Lost? Indeed, the ability to play that in co-op has been absent thus far, and players have been begging for that void to be filled. Nick, taking all the demands to heart, has begun working on a co-op mod for Paradise Lost as I write this, however he needs your support! The man can’t afford to work voluntarily on the project right now, so in order to make it possible, he has turned to the POSTAL community to help raise funds by launching an IndieGoGo campaign, which we are happy to shamelessly plug and promote to help him out. Nick is asking for a minimum $500 USD to help support his work and make the mod possible for him to work on. So if playing Paradise Lost with your friends and loved ones is something you’d like to see – stop by his fundraiser page and make a contribution, or just share the link with other people! I’m sure he’d appreciate any sort of help and support you can afford to make!

Whatever the outcome is for Nick’s fundraiser, we salute him and the exceptional work that he’s put out so far, and so should you! Cooperative multiplayer in POSTAL 2 is a tremendously substantial contribution, and has earned him an eternal place in the halls of POSTAL glory!