Indie Spotlight featuring Indie Game Development Part 1 Game Dev Tycoon!


As you are all well aware we are working on fresh paint for POSTAL 2. You have asked several times when will it be out and we have been promising faithfully that it will be out by [muffled snarfs and mutters]. The reason why it is taking a little longer than expected is because game development isn’t quite as easy as you may think. There is the design, the coding, the modeling, the bugs and trouble shooting, the cursing when you discover the bugs and trouble are worse than you expected, the recoding, the redesigning and a whole slew of other things that take a lot of time and quite a considerable amount of funding. Most of you just see the finished product and likely don’t think too much about the trials and tribulations which the backend staff struggles through to make the games you love actually function. If by chance you do think about these things and are itching to give it a try yourself but just have no idea where to begin or how to even attempt to fathom how to begin, just keep reading. Today in this special Game Development Feature I am going to talk about two applications which may just enhance your understanding of the game making process and could also help you on your way to making your first game. If you do make a game, and it becomes a hit on Steam, remember who set you up for it won’t you? Might even get in the Indie Spotlight yourself!, but enough daydreamimg for now, time to get in to the nitty gritty so to speak.
First off I would like to talk about a small, simple looking game that is actually much bigger than it looks. Game Dev Tycoon.

In this game you start out in your garage working on your startup game company way back before consoles even existed. You need to think about what kind of game you want to make, what theme, what device it will be created for. Do you want graphics? Do you want sound? How much time should you put into working on the dialogue or the level designs? Should you do contract work? What technology should you research? All this and more requires decisions, selection and management as you attempt to make your own hit game. Meanwhile you must be careful not to go bankrupt grabbing all the goodies you figure you will need. Once you do make it big with a hit game (and remember to pay my gratuity), you can branch out, move to a better place and afford to hire people to help you. Keep going until you reach the top!

Before I say any more on Game Dev Tycoon, let’s here what they have to say about themselves other than their proclamation that they are the sexiest, most awesome indie team around.


About the Game
In Game Dev Tycoon you replay the history of the gaming industry by starting your own video game development company in the 80s. Create best selling games. Research new technologies and invent new game types. Become the leader of the market and gain worldwide fans.
A journey through gaming history
Start in the 80s
Start your adventure in a small garage office in the 80s. Enjoy the hand-crafted level design while you develop your first simple games. Gain experience, unlock new options and create your first game engine.

Create games your way
In Game Dev Tycoon the decisions you make during development really matter. Decide which areas you want to focus on. Does your game need more gameplay or should you focus more on quests? These decisions will have a major impact on the success of your game.

Grow your company
Once you have successfully released a few games you can move into your own office and forge a world-class development team. Hire staff, train them and unlock new options.

Make larger more complex games
With experience and a good team, you can release larger, more complex games. Larger games bring new challenges and you will have to manage your team well to deliver hit games.
Start a game development company in the 80s
Design and create games
Research new technologies
Create custom game engines
Move into bigger offices
Forge a world-class development team
Unlock secret labs
Conduct industry changing products
Unlock achievements
Includes Trading Cards

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The full game has many more features which are not listed here to prevent spoilers.

You can see what I mean when I say it is a simple looking game but the game is actually much bigger than it looks. It’s sort of the story of its own developers although amazingly, they only opened their doors in 2012. Greenheart Games was founded by a team of two brothers who were obviously dedicated to each other and their project. It’s kind of inspiring when you think about it. Ready for the attempt to release your own hit game? Well then stay tuned to the next part of this post!