Indie Spotlight: POSTAL 2


It’s time once again to shine the Indie Spotlight.  This time the Spotlight has fallen squarely on top of POSTAL 2.
POSTAL 2 has to be one of the greatest games ever made. It’s filled to the brim with thrills, chills, sticky note lists, pets and problems. In other words, it has everything you could possibly want in a real-life simulator game and more.

This game has so much going for it, it’s hard to know what to talk about first. The easiest way to give a description of POSTAL 2 may be just to talk about how the game begins and what you have to do first. I will do a brief description of Monday just for example.

The game starts off when you wake up [just like you do everyday yourself!]. You get up and notice you are out of milk [Don’t you just hate it when that happens?]. Your wife kindly points out that it is on the grocery list and asks you to go get it [She is such a sweet and loving wife to do that]. You plan to pick up the milk after you complete your day in the office so you head off to work. You observe a group of protesters peacefully, if somewhat loudly, protesting outside of your workplace which is the Running With Scissors’ headquarters.

You enter the building and are told by another employee that Vince [your boss] wants to see you. You immediately head to meet him in his rather nice office only to learn that you have been fired. You collect your paycheck and leave. From your now ex-workplace, you head to the bank and wait in line to cash your check. You need the money to buy the milk your wife sent you out for. You then head to a locally owned corner store [supporting local makes you a good person they say], pick up the milk from the refrigerated case and wait in line to pay for it. Now it’s time to head home and relax after such a grueling day.

Wow… just Wow, that was so riveting the first time I experienced it in the game, but even retelling it here left me with a sense of excitement and wonder. It’s one of those games you can pick up and play again and again. How many games can you name me with such intense line waiting action? I can’t think of any that pull it off as well as RWS did with POSTAL 2. I mean, seriously, it was epic. You wait at the back of the line, hear the person in front get called up, you take a step forward as the line moves up a little. I’m getting sweats from the action just thinking about it. Then there are those people that cut in line making you have to step back because the teller thinks you cut in line instead. Oh man… I have to pause this review for a moment and go back to the line again, going through withdrawals. Bare with me a moment.

[15 minutes later]

Sorry about that, I got that out of my system. Where was I? Oh right TF2 is known as America’s #1 war themed hat simulator. Well POSTAL 2 is definitely America’s #1 daily life themed honey-do list simulator.

Tuesday is quite similar, you get another list from your loving wife and you head off to peacefully do your missions. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are also all filled with honey-do list action. The weekend rolls around and things start getting a little weird because the honey-do list ends and you start picking up odd jobs people offer you. Eventually you decide you want to go on a road trip so you leave town.

Amazing story telling right there. I have not had such a compelling and thought provoking story in a game before, and doubt I will ever see anything that comes close to it again any time in the near future.

“But Psygineer, I heard POSTAL 2 is an evil game and is banned in New Zealand to the point you could get a fine or jail time for even owning a copy of it.”

I was wondering if anyone would bring that up. Well you see some people who play POSTAL 2 may themselves be inherently evil. You can easily do all the tasks on Monday through Friday without hurting anyone. Unfortunately some people go guns blazing and mow down innocent bystanders. Despicable people like that gave POSTAL 2 a bad image rather than just being a real life simulator with a honey-do list. Instead of an instructional game that allowed unmarried men to see what it is like to be married, or so women can see how they are supposed to kindly and sweetly treat the man in their life, which is what the developers intended POSTAL 2 to be, these evil people turned it in to a murder simulator. Would you walk out of your home and beat someone to death with a shovel? No? Then why on Earth would you do that in POSTAL 2? Would you walk up to a stranger and urinate on them? No? Then again I ask why would you do that in the game? The urination feature in POSTAL 2 is just in it so women can understand why sometimes guys have bad aim in the bathroom and so they can experience the ability to stand while urinating. Nothing evil there, it’s educational! The founders of RWS actually used to make educational kids games, but they figured an educational game for adults was needed so they made it happen. It isn’t their fault bad elements in society decided to use it in such an evil and nasty way.

There you have it. POSTAL 2 is a riveting game with totally awesome action. Get your copy today and be prepared for hours of fun! POSTAL 2 is really golden!